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Open for Applications!

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We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Modern Day Alchemist

Yumiko/Yumie Tagaki

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Yumiko/Yumie Tagaki

Post by Yumiko Tagaki on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:25 pm

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga):  All the manga, including crossfire and the dawn, seen OVAs 1-5

Name: Yumiko/Yumie Tagaki

Age: 24

Apparent Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Special Human

Affiliation: The Vatican Section XII: The Iscariot Organization

Personality: Yumiko has a bit of a strange case of multiple personality disorder. IT's unclear which personality is actually more dominant, but she prefers the personality called Yumiko.

Yumiko is quiet, almost shy. She'd rather not hur a fly if she doesn't have to. The one person she's never shy around is her partner, Heinkel Wolfe. She is seen as her most happy with her, but she knows when they go on missions that Yumie will have to wake up. So she savors the peaceful times she's able to spend with Heinkel, and simply tries not to think about the next inevitable mission.

Yumie, on the other hand is fiery, vicious and sadistic, not to mention that she has a fanatical devotion to the Lord, which she shows best through violence. Yumie only shows her calm side around her partner, Heinkel Wolfe. She loves fighting alongside her, as they destroy the enemies of the Lord.

Heinkel and Yumie/Yumiko are very close. People often speculate if they're just friends or something more. Only Tagaki and Wolfe know the answer.

Appearance: Tagaki is a fairly tall young Japanese woman, with a heart shaped face and a curvaceous body. She's somewhat busty, particularly for an asian, and has wide hips and a slim waist. Her skin is pale, save her rosy lips and some slight colour in her cheeks.

 In the Yumiko persona, Tagaki wears a nun's habit and cowl, as well as a pair of large round glasses. She appears meek, and shy, and has very inward directed body language. She wears black tights, and black leather boots under her habit. The habit has many layers of petticoats underneath, and nips in at the waist a bit more than a normal one would, almost giving it the appearance of a dress rather than a habit. Her long, blue black hair is tidy and straight, and her gentle eyes are brown.

Once Yumie awakens, she discards the glasses and the cowl, and her eyes grow sharp and predatory. Her hair, once not held back by the cowel, springs free and becomes wild, almost emulating the persona it represents. A sadistic smirk claims her features.

Choice of Weaponry: Yumie mainly uses an O-katana made of a special silver alloy that can be sharpened to the point that it can almost cut through anything due to the diamond edge. However, she can also use her fists and feet, and body quite effectively if the need should arise.

Abilities: In terms of combat abilities, Yumie is a berserker. She is fast and strong, on par with a Category B vampire. She can dodge bullets and slice humans, vampires, and small cars into ribbons. She utilizes Battojutsu, the style of killing from the draw. In combat she has very poor decision making, because she goes into a beserker rage. She also doesn't feel pain when in this state. Yumiko tries to keep Yumie suppressed, but she can be awoken by the phrase, "Go to sleep, Yumiko. Awaken, Yumie." Yumiko also has these abilities, thanks to science, but she doesn't want to fight.

Yumiko is a terrible cook, but when Yumie cooks it always turns out amazing. Yumiko, however, is a talented artist, and plays piano very well.


Yumiko was found one morning on the doorstep of Father Alexander Anderson's orphanage, barely a few months old. No information was left, so nothing is known of her parents, or why they left her here, but she was left with a fine ivory beaded rosary with a gold cross.

Of course, the kind Father took her in. He noticed right away that she seemed to have some strange mood swings. Sometimes she was painfully shy, while other times she was outgoing, though often got into fights. and when she got int those fights, people got hurt, and it took a long time for Anderson to calm her down, but once she was calm, she would go back to being shy.

The strange girl found a friend in Heinkel Wolfe, who seemed more than capable of dealing with her odd tendencies. The two grew up together as best friends, and started training together for joining Iscariot as soon as they could. However, Yumiko was often pulled aside for tests done by Section XIII's science department. They quickly found ways to amplify her berserker tendencies, and give her greater speed and strength so that she could fight the monsters and heathens on par with the best of them.

When Heinkel and Tagaki graduated from the training programme, they were set up as partners, and have been inseparable ever since. For a while, Heinkel was assigned as Maxwell's bodyguard, while Yumie was sent elsewhere. She still loathes Enrico for taking Heinkel away from her for any amount of time. Now they are back together at last, fighting side by side once more.


Yumiko sat curled in a sunbeam on a window bench in the room she shared with Heinkel at HQ. She had been reading a book, but she had fallen asleep, dozing peacefully as she dreamed of her and Heinkel, having a picnic in a meadow by a stream. Heinkel was wearing a tank top and boy's shorts, and her Iscariot Cross. Oh, and of course, her sunglasses. Yumiko smiled. Heinkel never went anywhere without her sunglasses. Yumiko herself was laying on her stomach, wearing a white sundress and her cross (though no shoes), and playing with the flowers that were just off the edge of the blanket they were sprawled on. It was peaceful, quiet, and they were simply happy being with each other. "They're so pretty, don't you think so, Heinkel?" she asked, looking over her shoulder at her friend with a warm smile.

"Ehhh?" Heinkel leaned over to see the flowers she was toying with, her cheek barely brushing against Yumiko's. Yumiko blushed lightly as Heinkel scrutinized the flowers, making a slight face as she lifted her sunglasses to see them better. She settled back to her previous sprawled out position. "Zey're okay, I guess," she said. Yumiko had to laugh at that. Even in her dreams Heinkel was so. . . well. . . Heinkel.

Yumiko sat up and repositioned herself so she was laying next to Heinkel, putting her head on the other woman's stomach and staring up at the sky. She smiled softly, watching the clouds go by as Heinkel's hand came to rest on her head. She relished the small touch and sighed in contentment. "Heinkel, doesn't that cloud look like a rabbit?" she asked, pointing above them.

"Hmn? Oh, ja. . .It kind of does, doesn't it? Und that one looks like an alligator. Rawr," Heinkel replied jokingly, snapping her teeth in an alligator impression.

Yumiko giggled and snuggled against Heinkel.

Her dream was suddenly interrupted by the sound of boots approaching her location.

"Yumiko," said a familiar voice, as a hand gently shook her shoulder. "Yumiko, vake up."

Yumiko's brown eyes opened to see Heinkel standing above her. "Ah, Heinkel. . . I was just dreaming about you. . . "

"No time to talk now, Yumiko. Ve have a mission," said Heinkel.

Yumiko's face dropped. "Oh. . . I see. . . " she said softly. "I. . . I'll get ready, then," she said, standing up and going to get her things.

Glorious. It was truly glorious. Ghouls and vampires everywhere. She smirked broadly and drew her sword swiftly, cutting one ghoul in half. The bullets began to fly and she dashed forward, darting to and fro. She massacred them as she went, the shooting ghouls unable to hit her. A manic grin split her face as she leapt into the air, raising her sword above her head and bringing it down on the vampire's head, cleaving him in half as he gave an terrible scream. About a third of the Ghouls dropped dead and she charged forward again towards the next vampire. She sliced at the ghouls, not noticing  the fact that she was getting shot several times. She finally managed to make her way through the tide and cut the vampire to ribbons. A shot soared across the room and hit the third vampire square between the eyes. All the gourds were dead now, And Yumie turned to see her partner standing a ways off. She grinned. "Finally made it, huh?" she smirked at Hienkel.

"Ja. I did. Now let's get you to the hospital," Hienkel said, looking over at her through her sunglasses.
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Re: Yumiko/Yumie Tagaki

Post by Father Anderson on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:30 pm

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