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Open for Applications!

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We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Modern Day Alchemist

Sigmund "Ziggy" Saenger

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Sigmund "Ziggy" Saenger

Post by Sigmund Saenger on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:21 am

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga):  Yes, all of the manga, The Dawn and up to OVA 6

Name: Sigmund Saenger (Aka Ziggy)

Age: 209

Apparent Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Elder Werewolf

Affiliation: Die Letzte Bataillon

Rank: Obersturmfurhrer [first lieutenant]

Personality: Sigmund is goofy, sarcastic, and generally amusing. Sometimes he’s not even trying to be funny, it’s just his nature. He knows when the time calls for seriousness however, and can be attentive and serious when needed. He would much rather be goofing off, or singing along with Rip in a falsetto voice, or making mischief with Schrodinger than fighting, but he will fight when he has to. He tries to make light of every situation and raise peoples’ spirits whenever he can. However, when he’s alone, he tends to be more somber, often thinking of the sister he left behind, and wondering if she’s alright... He can still feel his sister’s energy out in the world, so he knows she’s alive somewhere, maybe even close by, but he can’t pinpoint her...she feels different somehow, and it makes it hard for him to know where she is. He is always trying to get the Captain to smile or laugh.

Appearance: In human form, he’s 6’7” tall with short, almost Anderson-like flaming red hair with white framing his face. He’s almost always unshaven with stubble on his square jaw. His eyes are bright sky blue and his skin is pale. He has a plethora of freckles all over his body, particularly on his cheeks, shoulders, and arms. He’s got a muscular build and large hands and feet, appropriate for his height. His arms are the most muscular part of his frame and his palms are calloused, as if he is used to hard work. He usually wears Uniform feildgrau wool pants, combat boots, uniform suspenders and an M43 Greatcoat, with the collar turned down. He dests shirts.

His wolf forms are all shaggy and of the russet variety, with white tips on his tail and ears.

Choice of Weaponry: He uses an HK mk. 23 mod0 with blessed silver rounds, and a silver plated KA-BAR knife.

Abilities: Sigmund has all the abilities that are denoted to him by his "Elder" status. Untouchable speed and incredible strength, though he is stronger than he is fast. He can transform into wolf form (about 6.5' long, fairly average for a wolf), Anthropomorphic From (around 7' tall), and Beast Wolf form in which he stands 7' tall at the shoulder. His skin is almost impossible to pierce, with the toughness of Ferrous Tungsten. The only way to kill him is to shoot or stab him directly in the heart with something silver - anything less will regenerate almost instantaneously. His senses are heightened beyond what humans could dream of being capable of.

He's an amazing cook,and especially loves to bake. He's a great singer, actor, and dancer, and he's got an amazingly high IQ. He speaks German, English, Russian and French fluently, speaking Russian, German, and French natively. He is good at sewing, and fencing, and is an amazing brawler.

He's a talented Mimic, and can affect any accent and learn languages very quickly. He can occasionally mimic a voice exactly, but it is very hard for him, whereas simply affecting an accent is easy.

Sigmund is also a huge flirt. He's charming and he knows it. He's very honorable, chivalrous, and noble, however, and doesn't play games with women.

Biography: Sigmund was born in 1801, three minutes and twenty two seconds before his sister, Lorelei. He has never let her forget that he is her older brother. Their father had been high nobility in Germany, and a talented spy. However, he fell out of favour, but he managed to escape with his wife and two nine year old children to Russia, where he was granted shelter and noble status in exchange for secrets about Germany. Sigmund and Lorelei grew up with high status, and learning to speak both Russian and French. Life was fairly normal for the family, asides from Lorelei's obnoxiously tomboyish tendencies. She much preferred fencing and riding horses and hunting to much of anything else. Sigmund and Lorelei were best friends, and nearly inseperable.

In 1820 his sister met a young man in the service of the Tzar named Viktor Volkov. Sigmund could tell there was something odd about him, but his sister was extremely taken with him. Eventually the two fell in love and that was that. Sigmund tended to flirt a lot with women wherever he went, but he was never very serious about anything, and refused to sleep with any of them. IT was a simple life, with Lorelei, Viktor, and Viktor's best friend, Yuri. They had fun, and fun was important to Sigmund.

In 1823, everything changed. The three were walking home late one night from a pub, and Lorelei was completely drunk. She was poking fun at her brother when suddenly, her vision went blurry, and she felt in awful pain. She looked up and all she saw was grey fur, and huge teeth. The massive wolf had tackled her, clawed her, and then bit into her shoulder violently. She heard her brother give a yell of rage, and he tried to attack the wolf, but only succeeded in getting mauled as well. Viktor finally managed to drive the creature off. Lorelei was so confused, and she was bleeding all over the place. Victor quickly helped them get to his Grandfather's house in the country. Misha was his name, and he was an old, old Werewolf. Misha kept them at his place until the full moon, when the two transformed into wolves for the first time. He kept them there during their puppyhood, for the most part, and Viktor was often there. On the full moons, they transformed back into humans, and were able to talk with Viktor and Misha, as well as Misha's friends. When the moon wasn't full, they masqueraded as Viktor's pets.

Life was simple, and good, and they lived a quiet life, with Lorelei and sigmund become Young Lycans, and then Full Lycans over the years. They enjoyed a quiet life until 1917, when the Revolution happened. They fought feircely, side by side, and also met a man named Yuri Drachev. They also fought int the ensuing civil war, until one night Sigmund had a vision. It was a vision of Africa.

He knew he must go. It was calling him. Whatever it was. He had to go. And he had to go then.

So he went. He started traveling with a merchant crew across the sahara. In the end, he didn't have to find what he had felt calling him. . . It found him. The Merchant band had been attacked for keeping a werewolf as company, and Sigmund only barely managed to escape. He ran and ran, blindly into the dark, fueled by adrenaline but losing blood. He finally collapsed, somewhere in the middle of a sea of sand and stars. He told himself he mustn't die. He wanted to see his sister again! He couldn't leave her like this! He stared up at the sky, only to find he was staring into huge green eyes. Wolf eyes. "Ah. . . so. . . you're zhe reason. . . " he said with a tired smile. With those words spoken, he passed out.

When he awoke he was in a hut in the desert, all patched up and good as new. There was a man sitting across from his sleeping mat. He had green eyes.

"Ah, you're awake," he said.

"Yeah, I guess I am. . . " Sigmund replied. "Vhy did you save me?" he asked.

"The better question is, why would I not?," The man said in return.

There was a long silence, after that, and eventually some sort of peace grew between the two. They travelled together throughout Africa for many years, until his mentor told him he must be on his own way. "There is war in the world, now," he said seriously that night as they sat by their fire. "You must go out and do what you will. YOu cannot base your identity with that of a man whose name you do not know. Perhaps you should go find that sister of yours. I know that you miss her."

Sigmund was silent for a long while at these words. "You're right," he finally said. He felt like an eternity in silence had passed between the time his mentor spoke, and the time that he replied. It felt like hours, or days, or maybe even years. "I'll miss you." he finally said after another long while.

"Do not worry, child. You'll be fine. Go and find your sister."

Those were the last words that were spoken between the two. THey went their separate ways, neither having known each others' name despite having been together for so many years.

He wandered for a long time, trying to get to back to Europe. Unfortunately he never made it. He was captured by the Afrika Korps and shipped off to Warsaw, Poland, where Millennium did their research.

He was thrown in a room in clothes that barely constituted pajamas, then chained to the wall with silver shackles. He struggled and roared in pain and anger, and spat in the face of anyone who tried to convince him to join their group. Eventually, he became exhausted; so exhausted that he couldn't struggle any more. He kelt on the ground with his arms hanging above his head. Everywhere that the silver touched him burned with the fury of the sun. It was excruciating, but he could no longer combat it.

Suddenly the door opened and he looked up. It was a scent familiar and unfamiliar - a much, much older wolf than he. "You're vone of zem!" he accused.

The tall man walked over to him and knelt down at his side, undoing the shackles from around his wrists and ankles, allowing his deep burn wounds to start to heal. He looked oddly at the man, who had sat against the wall with one leg up and closed his eyes.

The man quirked a brow at him, halfway opening one eye. It was a question. WHat was he looking at like that?

"]N. . . Nosing I guess. . . " he said, suddenly looking shy. The man nodded silently and closed his eye again. Eventually Sigmund scooted over and sat by him. "Um. . . I'm Sigmund. . . " he offered. The Man nodded in response. "V. . . Vhat's your name?" He simply shook his head. "You'. . . Don't haff vone?" He shrugged with one shoulder. "Do you not remember?" he asked curiously. The man shook his head once more. To Sigmund it indicated that, yes, he did know his name. . . but perhaps it no longer meant anything. "I see. . . You don't. . . talk, do you?" he asked. He nodded to let him know he was correct. "I see. . . Did they send you in here to get me to join?" He nodded. "Vell vhy should I?" he asked softly. The man opened his eyes and looked at Sigmund seriously before dragging his finger across his throat in a manner that made his unspoken words clear. Sigmund swallowed hard. So . . . they intended to kill him if he did not join? The two sat in silence a long while. It reminded him of that night in Africa, where the silence seemed to stretch on for many years, if not lifetimes. He gathered what he could about the man from his scent and stoic silence. He was old. Very, very old - much older than his mentor had been. It seemed to him also, that this man had been through a lot. He seemed like someone Sigmund could look up to. . . and most of all, trust.

Finally, he reluctantly agreed to join, and was adopted into the Doctor's sick project, and outfitted as Heer.

The Wehrwolf Project equated to endless days of endless torture, as far as Sigmund could tell. There was one doctor though, that he liked, for she was very kind to him. Her name was Adelaide.

However, the programme was quickly disbanded. He heard murmurings of "Special order #666," and the scientists and doctors focused their time instead on Vampires, leaving himself, and the man he had come to call Captain, well enough alone.

He spent a lot of his free time with The Captain, but also people like First Lieutenant Rip Van Winkle and Warrant officer Schrodinger, with whom he enjoyed playing pranks.

He tried to occupy his mind whenever possible, for when he did not, he thought only of his sister. He could feel her out there. Somewhere.

But Nazi Germany, it seemed, was doomed. Hellsing was there, too. The attack had been so sudden, and he had done his best to get as many people out safely as he could. He witnessed first hand what the monster Alucard could do, and was thankful that he escaped with his life that day. So many others, people he knew and called friends, were not as fortunate.

Much of the zeppelin ride to South America was spent alone, recovering from the horrors of Warsaw. He did try to socialize though, and flirted a bit with the Nurse, Fausta Adler since he tended to hang around Doctor von Sommer when he was not sequestered away in his room.

FInally they arrived in Brazil, and set up base. It was a relief, because it meant he no longer had to listen to Dok's bitching and moaning, nor the Major's idiotic schemes. However, it did mean that testing and new schemes began.

They acquired a new member while in Brazil - a card shark called Tubalcain Alhambra. To sigmund he was slime, taking advantage of people left and right, all with that greasy smirk.

The peaceful times came to an end, however, when the MAjor decided to make his declaration of war.

Sigmund was not sent on any of the missions except for the extraction mission with the Captain to save Lieutenant Van Winkle and some of her men.

Currently he is at the New York Base as Adelaide von Sommer's personal body guard.


He sighed heavily, staring out the window at the full moon. She was out there. . . he knew she was. He could feel her. "Sister. . . Lorelei . . . Vhere are you? I know you're out zere somevhere. . . ! I just. . . " His eyes fell to the floor and became half lidded. "I just hope. . . vherever you are. . . you're happy. Maybe Viktor is vith you too." He smiled to himself. "Yes. I'm sure you're togezer, and you're bakingk amaaaazignk cookies for him at zis wery moment! He vill come in und steal some of your dough, and you'll hit him vith ze spoon and scowl at him. 'Not until zey're done!' you scold. Hehe. . . " His laugh slowly turned into a chocked back sob. "Lorelei. . . I miss you so much. . . " he sniffled. He hugged his knees to his chest.. WHy did it have to be like this?

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Re: Sigmund "Ziggy" Saenger

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Re: Sigmund "Ziggy" Saenger

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Re: Sigmund "Ziggy" Saenger

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