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Open for Applications!

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We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Modern Day Alchemist

Konrad von Schwarze

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Konrad von Schwarze

Post by Konrad on Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:40 pm

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga): Yes. All of it and everything.

Name: Konrad von Schwarze

Age: 116

Apparent Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire [Category A]

Affiliation: Millennium

Rank: Obersturmfuhrer

Personality: A quiet and thoughtful man with one hell of a nasty streak. Most of the time, he appears to be set deep in thought, or perhaps a brooding mood, but will speak rather amiably with others. He will gladly laugh, joke, and otherwise bullshit about with fellow officers and even those under his command, showing himself as a pretty approachable person. Konrad’s nasty streak makes him murderously violent at worst and venomously snappish at best.

Konrad enjoys classical music (mainly Romance-era composers, but will listen to composers from earlier eras), herbal teas, bakery goods, fine tobacco, well-aged red wine, and good company.

Appearance: Tall and fair skinned, with dark blonde hair and different colored eyes. The right is his true eye color, cold blue-grey, while the other is a deep crimson red. The left eye also bears a deep scar going down over the socket, indicating that the eye may have been blinded before he was bitten. His toned, lithe body is scarred with old bullet and shrapnel wounds, several of which would be fatal to a human.

He possesses the sharp, high features of the antiquated upper-class. His nose is a bit thin and he has a strong jaw line with a few scars on his cheeks and lower jaw.

He still possesses the grey battledress of the Waffen SS infantry. A Stahlhelm, World War 2 trench coat and SS fatigues and gear. The Totenkoph is in the dead center of his Stahlhelm and his ranking pins are kept clean and free of wear.

Choice of Weaponry:
A pair of MP40s
Mauser C96 sidearm (Red 9 variant)
Stick grenades
Demo charges and detonators

Abilities: He has all the power and benefits of a Category A vampire. His frightening physical abilities are matched by the inherent magical abilities of all high-category Vampires (made more effective by his Cat A status) as well as a few abilities of his own.

His crimson eye has a special use when he enters battle. In his heightened state of battle awareness his eye grants him a small measure of pre-cognition, able to predict the movements of foes within five feet (he MUST be able to see them) and in high-danger scenarios were his adrenaline would normally race through his bloodstream, the eye can alter his perception of speed so things seem to move slower thus increasing his reaction time.

Biography: Konrad von Schwarze was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1894 to upper-class parents. His mother was a loving woman, wanting the best for her only son. His father was a hard, but fair man who expected great things for his only son out of four other children. Konrad was groomed very well by his father, given a high-born education and proved himself to be very intelligent from an early age.

In 1912, now eighteen, Konrad joined the army. He went through officer training due to his high level of education and came out a Lieutenant. He made several friends among the other officers and it seemed like his military career would be decently easy-going.

Two years later, Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a Yugoslav nationalist and Europe descended into Hell. Konrad took part in the German invasion of Belgium and killed his first man in hand to hand battle, snapping the Belgian’s neck with a sickening crack he would forever remember. The same man also blinded Konrad’s left eye with a piece of glass.

Konrad moved from Belgium to march on Paris, France with other German forces. He was present at the formation of the Western Front and would remain there until the end of the Great War. However, in 1915, Konrad’s life would change forever.

Neither Konrad nor his men had eaten a decent meal for several days and were convinced they would not receive any supplies until it was too late. Konrad entered one of the sleeping areas to find one man rummaging through the belongings of other soldiers. Konrad shouted at the solder and the man leapt at the Lieutenant. Konrad tried to push him away, but the man seemed possessed of an unnatural strength. Konrad passed out shortly after the man bit into his neck.

Konrad awoke at night. He felt strange, like a new strength was leaking into his limbs. His mind caught fire moments later, snuffing out any coherent thought. He only became aware of his burning hunger. Like a possessed madman, Konrad vaulted over the trench lip and dashed across the no-man’s land with nightmarish speed.

He dashed through landmine explosions and leapt into the opposing trench and found himself surrounded by French soldiers. The men were all shocked to see the German officer leap into their midst and before they could properly react, Konrad ripped out a man’s throat with his now fang-like teeth. For an hour, Konrad feasted like a demon. He ripped French soldiers apart with his bare hands and teeth, drinking deep of the precious lifeblood within each man.

Consuming blood and life filled Konrad with new strength, sending a great fire through his veins as demonic power truly awoke within him. When dawn broke, the entire French regiment that had manned the trench had been ripped apart and drained of blood. The German officer who killed them took shelter in a bunk dugout out of instinct to hide from the sun.

Night fell again and Konrad emerged, wary and frightened of his surroundings and even himself, his renewed vision in both eyes a great shock. He looked around at the eviscerated men, knowing that he had done it. He had heard stories of such monsters when he was a boy. Vampires. Stalkers of the night who drank the blood of men. There was no mistaking that he had become such a creature and that the man who attacked him had been one.

Konrad returned to the German trenches, sliding in without being seen. He would make up an excuse for where he had been if anyone asked. He could feel new power burning within his body and new instincts awaking in his mind. Konrad was a smart man. He knew he would have to be very careful.

For the next two years, Konrad lived and fed as a vampire on the Western front. He fed on French soldiers mostly. Dashing across the no-man’s land between trench lines at night to have his fill and return before the morning dawn. No soldier under his command questioned why the commander had become so reclusive during the day.

The Great War ended in 1917 and Konrad returned to Germany. He continued his night-life feedings and become increasingly dissatisfied with how Germany got thrown under the bus in the Treaty of Versailles. In 1920, he joined the National Socialist German Workers party after hearing a short speech from one Adolf Hitler. He agreed with the party’s stance against things like big business and capitalism (after all, capitalists had been partly responsible for the Treaty that stomped Germany into the dirt).

When Hitler took full control of Germany and established the full breadth of the Nazi party, including it’s military branches, Konrad became a member of the SS. His pure German heritage and service in World War One landed him the rank of Obersturmfuhrer. With his own inherent violence increased by his increasing Vampiric powers, it was no surprise that Konrad found himself drawn even more into the Nazi party after Germany was under Hitler’s full control.

1939. Germany invades Poland. Konrad, who had taken part in Kristallnacht the previous year, leads a company of SS troops into Warsaw. No longer needing to hide from the sun in fear of death, he marches openly (though it became inconvenient to constantly explain harsh sunburns). In the fury of battle with Polish soldiers, he reveals his Vampirism to his short-lived enemies. His power is noted by a portly SS officer who approaches Konrad shortly after the Nazi victory.

“Obersturmfuhrer Schwarze?” the fat officer inquired, staring into Konrad’s mismatched eyes with own bespectacled gaze.

“Ja?” Konrad asked, his eyes narrowing at the fat man. “Vhat is it?”

“I…observed your actions in ze battle,” the officer said, a sick smile playing across his fat face. “Ze actions you vanted no ozers to see.”

“Be careful vith your vords, Sturmfuhrer,” Konrad growled.

“It seems I am treading nerves,” the man said, sounding even more amused than before. “Zere is no need to be so hidingk vith me, Obersturmfuhrer. I vish to extend an invitation to you…”

Konrad could think of no reason to refuse what the fat officer, who would soon after their meeting rise to become a Sturmbanfuhrer, was offering. He could exist as a Vampire in the open among others the Sturmbanfuhrer had gathered. The group was small, but both the Major and his head Doctor hinted that Fuhrer Hitler had secret plans for the growing band of monsters. Konrad took notice of the tall man wearing the uniform of the normal German Army that followed the Sturmbanfuhrer. He assumed the strange, stoic man was some kind of special bodyguard and noted that he definitely did not smell human.

Konrad was given a group of picked men by the Sturmbanfuhrer and allowed to fight on in the war. Every life he took, and thus consumed, increased his growing power. Soon, sunlight became something he did not fear at all. When not leading troops into battle, Konrad found that he, and other gathered Vampires, were almost constantly being asked for blood and tissue samples by the skeletal Doctor.

He began to revel in his supernatural power and set himself up as someone very good with explosives. He and his men became Tank Hunters, specially called in to destroy enemy armour either before it could deploy or before it reached their lines. His own men watched with awe once as Konrad charged headlong at a Sherman tank, dodging fire from the pintle-mounted machine gun and leaping over the tank shell that fired. He landed solidly on the turret and ripped off the gunner’s head, guzzling the blood that spurted from his neck hole. He ripped the hatch off and dropped a pair of grenades into the hatch, laughing as the men inside screamed before the explosion ripped them to pieces.

Battle became his time to feed. He rarely shot to kill, only to wound enough to keep his enemies from running. He would drain what life remained in them as he sucked every drop from the body.

In 1943, Millennium becomes officially sanctioned under Order #666 by Hitler. Konrad becomes relocated back to Warsaw to stay at the headquarters erected there after German forces are defeated in the Allied Invasion of Sicily. On many occasions, Konrad visited multiple concentration camps to cull Jews for Millennium’s experiments. He could not fathom why the Doctor would want such wasted specimens who were so close to death. The only reason he came up with is that the Jews were expendable for potentially fatal experiments.

Russians, however, were a different story. He and his men regularly tore across USSR territory attacking convoys and battle patrols to capture who and whatever they could. The Doctor was always pleased when Konrad brought him Red Army officers to play with. When Order 666 was realized, he had finally understood why the Doctor insisted on taking blood and tissue samples from himself and other vampires: to create a battalion of artificials. However, the doctor had stopped taking his blood, which made him assume he had found a better source.

Konrad would never have expected the fall of the Warsaw to come from two solitary individuals. He had heard of the Hellsing organization from the Sturmbanfuhrer at an officer’s meeting when Millennium was first truly put together. Not in a thousand years would he had guessed the trashmen of Britain to be a fourteen year old boy and a single vampire.

When the attack on the Warsaw base in 1944 really took into stride, the top brass of Millennium made their escape and Konrad was ordered to blow up the labs and rescue someone named Ada. Being the loyal soldier, he obeyed the Doctor’s order. When he got to the lab, he found the girl named Ada about be attacked by a tall figure in a red coat. His limbs reacting on their own, Konrad brought his panzerschrek to bear and fired. The shell, meant to bust tanks open, obliterated the red-clad figure and reduced him to a stain on the ceiling and floor. Konrad scooped up the girl and set off the charges the lab had been wired with.

He and the survivors escaped to South America with the help of Vatican funds. Konrad became a sort-of defacto bodyguard for Doctor Ada von Sommer after he rescued her from the Nosferatu Alucard. He never pretended to understand what the doctor was talking about, but found that just smiling and nodding when she talked science at him pleased her well-enough. Times were good and he found new comradeship among the rest of Millennium and he still increased his Vampiric powers. Category A doctor von Sommer referred to him as from time to time. A term that would be meaningless to Konrad for a few decades.

However, the machinations of the Major would soon send the good times up in flames.

The Major made his declaration of war and sent First Lieutenant Winkle and her cadre of paratroopers to capture the HMS Eagle. However, the full plan was never realized and they were airlifted out. Konrad manned his panzerschrek in the airlifter covering Winkle and her men while the Captain got them to safety.

He presently spends his time at the New York base working along side the Werewolf Sigmund as Doctor Ada von Sommer's bodyguard.

Sample: There were times that Konrad hated his own kind. The carelessness of modern vampires made it very difficult to walk among humans at times. However, he was not sparing many thoughts on such opinions. With a glass of red wine in hand an a record of Richard Wagner playing softly, Konrad remembered friends of days gone by.

Young Fritz, who had died in Holland. A child in the resistance had killed him with a grenade. Dietrich, who had been shot to death by Russians in the Ukraine. Simon, a good soldier, had been ripped to pieces in Warsaw during the attack on headquarters. So many others had died as well. Too many faces and names swam in Konrad’s mind. Some died well. Others died screaming, either from fire or from the gas in the trenches.

Konrad never considered himself a melancholy man, but remembering such good friends and soldiers reminded him that even though he was a monster of the night, he could still feel. He was still capable of laughter, love and hate, and all other human emotion. To let go of that was to truly become monstrous.

If that ever happened…he hoped he’d be in the presence of someone ready and able to end his life.

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Re: Konrad von Schwarze

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Please look at and edit the last bits of your profile accordingly. Once you do that you'll have my vote.

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Re: Konrad von Schwarze

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Re: Konrad von Schwarze

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Re: Konrad von Schwarze

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