Blood And Bone

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Pepsi Man Java Game 320 240

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Gta San Andreas Cheat Codes Pdf Download

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Gta San Andreas Cheat Codes Pdf Download

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Open for Applications!

Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:31 pm by Integral Hellsing

We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Modern Day Alchemist


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Post by Integral Hellsing on Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:19 pm

General Posting/Forum Rules

-No spam: Any incoherent or off-topic message that is generally trivial as well as short in length and in no way contributes to the discussion or subject of the topic. Please make sure your message is connected to the subject of the topic you are posting in.

-No repeated posting: Intentional repeated postings in topics that have no need for such may be interpreted as Spam, especially if the message in said post is identical. There is a DELETE option if posts are unnecessary, please take it under yourself to remove your posts before someone else responds to the topic.

-No advertising outside the appropriate section: Advertisements (and to that extent, Affiliation Requests) should not be posted outside of the clearly labeled and named section in the Information Sub-board at the top of the main page/index. Please go post your ad or request there instead.

-No excessive profanity: The occasional profane word here or there is acceptable as this forum is meant to cater to a mature audience, but redundant/excessive/needless usages of any commonly known and offensive term over multiple messages or even in a lone message is not welcomed. Please do not get swear-happy here. This, of course, can be waived in the actual role-play, if your character’s personality is extremely abrasive. Case-In-Point: Jan Valentine, as the canon example.

-Be courteous: Please be civil and polite to your fellow members. Self-explanatory, really. This is also extended for you to respect your Staff members, or at least don't insult them (in a clearly hostile manner), curse them out, or just throwing slanderous remarks in general for no reason. If you have a complaint about the Staff (or a particular member of the Staff), please FILE said complain in the appropriate section found in the Information Sub-board.

-A single character to an account, please: And make sure the account name matches that of the character as well.

-Fonts in posts must remain between sizes 12 (normal) and 18(large): Some of us have very bad eyes (including myself) and any font smaller than that is hard to read.

As to how punishments shall be dealt, you will be given a warning per each infraction of the rules. A second violation of the same rule will result in a temporary ban (24 hours). If, however, you violate different three rules and receive three separate warnings, you also will be temporarily banned (also 24 hours). After your first ban, any subsequent banning will increase by a day in duration (48, 72, 96, etc.)

-Concerning posting character applications:
~The ruling of the Staff is paramount. If they ask for you to change something in your application, please comply the best you can.
~Please do not use any crossover characters. Similarity in name or in minor bits of personality may be overlooked, but blatant recreation of the character to this forum will NOT be allowed.
~ Though there are no demanding limits defined in the Application, that does not mean you can, for certain descriptive sections such as Personality, Appearance and Bio, enter a couple to a few lines. We expect a fair amount of detail.

~A single player may play up to three canons at a time, but no more than two from the same organization.
~A canon application MUST have a sample, either placed at the end or woven into the Bio for the Staff to judge.
Combat Rules

-Golden Law: You are your own character, and therefore an extension of yourself. But at the same time, you are also yourself, the narrator.

  1. Always use the third person, as though you are narrating the events of your character in a novel.

  2. You are limited, in terms of 'player characters', to the one you have registered to that account, and only that. Meaning you can only describe the actions of your character, as well as their thoughts and dialogue. (You do, as narrator however, have control to describe the setting and any other non-player character in the same topic)

  3. The limitations of your character are defined by your character application, which will be reviewed by Staff to prevent it from being overpowered or too filled with potential that it could do whatever it wished in any interaction without fear of practically any consequence.

With these considerations in mind, please remember.

Your character's actions cannot supersede or ignore the actions/reactions of the opponents'. This means you cannot ignore, say, a stream of bullets from your opponents' automated weaponry pointed directly at you, and claim not a single bullet hit you while you just walk forward to your opponent. This destroys the realism (in a sense) and renders the battle moot if you're just going to disregard actions at your own whim.

In an extension to the above concept, please note that you will not be able to definitively claim that your attacks will always hit your opponent dead on, as they have to respond to said attack. Now, they are bound to the same rules and cannot evade or ignore your attack fully, but they can try to (logically) circumvent the action by their own skill or by circumstance.

In simplified terms: Not all your attacks will hit your opponent (but damn sure some of them WILL and they WILL have an effect), and not all of your opponent's attacks can be avoided(though they can be blocked, nullified, or occaisionally disregarded[as in, what consequences they had are little to none even if they hit you, though this'll be rare] just not all the time)

-To maintain a sense of equality and a flow in battle, opposing forces/sides/characters must rotate in posting order to present each combatant a fair chance at responding(read: Block/Dodge) to an attack and/or providing a counter-attack. This is usually based on order of entry into a topic.

For example: We have Topic Poster (Combatant #1) who is immediately joined by another poster (Combatant #2). If C#2 does not attack first but instead makes introductions, or acts hostile to set a combat-tone, C#1 goes first (with their next post).

This results in, after both combatants' entries, a series of bouts: from C1 to C2, back to C1: Player1 Attack, Player 2 Respond/Attack, Player1 Respond-Attack, etc. Until either combatant leaves the topic, or a third fighter(Combatant #3) joins the fray.

The third fighter's introduction post usually puts them right into combat or makes their presence known [and if they wish, they can attack as well in this post, as C#2 had in his/her entry post]. After that, the third fighter is third to go in the cycle. If they joined after poster #1 finished, and before poster #2 did, then they'll have to wait until the end of the next bout to post again and fall into cycle. [Third's Entry Bout: 1 posts. 3 Enters. 2 posts. -> Next Bout: 1 posts. 2 posts. 3 posts.]

-If there are multiple combatants, and some are allied, then each side rotates posting turns with each other to maintain fairness.

For example: If two Hellsing operatives(Posters 1 and 2) encountered two Iscariot priests(Posters 3 and 4), when all of a sudden two Millennium soldiers (posters 5 and 6). The order would not go 1-2-3-4-5-6. Instead it rotate between each side, and between each force the character who entered the earliest gets the turn. Hellsing (poster 1) gets the first go, followed by Iscariot (poster 3) and then Millennium (poster 5), who are all then back by their partners or abandoned ... or maybe kicked out of the way, again in order (posters 2, 4 and 6).

-Please be as realistic as possible. This may seem unusual in a dark roleplay with fantastical elements in it, but that doesn't change the fact that Hellsing is set in a relatively 'real' world. In other words, this is a 'realistic fantasy,' so not all characters are insane supernatural creatures and not all characters have acquired the skill or power to bend reality to their whim. In other words, you WILL need to reload, you WILL have to be conscious of how much damage you take, you WILL have to take note of how fatigued your character will become (if a battle rages on for too long), you WILL need to find a new battleground if the building you were in collapses from your fight, you WILL need to note the area you're in, the time of day, the people[NPCs] about you (and whether not the police or SpecOp troops come as well). You have to be conscious of your character limits, as described much above, as they can only be so strong or fast at a time in-battle, rather than an inexhaustible faster than the speed of light bruiser who kills with a single touch. The role-play exists not only for simple combat and being the best at surviving battle and killing anyone else who fights you, you know?

-Subset of the above rules: When it comes to your post, and you are attacking. Please, make it clear as to who the attack is directed towards (more important if there are multiple combatants in one topic), as well as making it clear what your attack is. Attempting to gain free hits by disguising your attacks through incredibly vague metaphors, or refusing to clarify that you ARE making an attack to a specific player character will earn you the ire of the staff. Please, don’t.

Chatbox Rules

There is one rule and one rule only in the box.

-Be Civil:
Do not spam, do not flame, do not curse (excessively), do not troll, and overall do not be a very brutish and antagonistic person on the box. If you cannot find it in yourself to be a polite individual who will use the privalege that is the Chatbox for ease of communication on the forum itself without going out of your way to offend people, then don't or the staff will go out of its way to make sure you don't.

You get one warning, then a kick, then an hour-long ban, then 12 hours, then 24, then if you're still persisting, we'll go straight to permanent banning. Despite this progression of punishment, we may be lenient given time. The above scenario is just a worse-case where the member inciting punishment has no intention of being a civil contributor to the chatbox.
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