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Open for Applications!

Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:31 pm by Integral Hellsing

We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Modern Day Alchemist

Seras Victoria

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Seras Victoria

Post by Seras Victoria on Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:42 pm

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga):
Since you ask me so nicely.
I´ve seen/read the following:
Hellsing Manga: 1-95
Hellsing Anime: 0-13
Hellsing Ultimate: 1-8
Hellsing Chaos Step: 1-6 (Fanwork)
The Dawn: 1-6
Crossfire: 1-3
Desert Schutzstaffel
Angel Dust
Awesome Führer Paradise
Penwood (Fanwork)

Seras Victoria


Apparent Age:
About 20

Very, very female.

Vampire Category B


Sergant Major (SGM)

A gentle, somewhat shy girl with a sense of humor, but one that doesn´t go quite far. She`s intolerant to touches and remarks about her body, being very erotophobic. She has some violence issues and is known to react with brute force when pushed against a wall.
As a soldier, she is absolutely loyal and will do anything the mission requires her to do, includeing leaveing wounded civilians behind or downright shooting them. Due to this, she has advanced in rank steadily ever since joining Hellsing.
Seras looks up to people with a strong will and a good heart, and despises those who lack both. Comeing from a family of policemen, she believes in justice.

Normal look

(With rolled up sleeves, a miniskirt, stockings and without the cap.)

Standard Hellsing Uniform, Mark two. A remake of the original yellow uniform, with some revisions in the color department as well as some bonus features for the military, which includes a paddle holster, which is sown directly onto the skirt.
Instead of the bright yellow color without any camoflage, this uniform is in a dark shade of grey, as since all vampire raids take place at night, and is painted with a digital camoflage of the same color type. Thin layers of Kevlar are sown into the fabric to protect from stabs and cuts, also a revision done specificly for Hellsing, to serve as a meager protection against blade users like Alexander Anderson. The Uniform also has the socks changed into stockings that cannot slide down the leg dureing combat action, which has prooven to be very distracting and hindering. The stockings are in the same shade of the uniform, dark grey.
Alongside that, she wears thick gloves with an exposed index finger for precise shooting as well as steel tipped boots for combat.

Choice of Weaponry:

10 Gauge Slug, Lever action

Seras´s choice of weaponary is a weapon crafted by Walter, the Ragnarok. Whilest being heavily based on the centuries-old Winchester 1887 shotgun, it is actually an original design, with a double breech block and two barrels which always fire at the same time. Consequently, two magazine tubes are underneath them, which are just as long as the barrels and hold six shells each. The weapon features a single trigger and a special lever for flip-cocking. Sights are not installed, as since they are not needed for vampires, but both barrels have rails to absorb heat, for rapid fireing. The 10 gauge caliber used and the fact that two barrels are fired at once make this weapon impossible to be used by normal humans without serious injury.
As ammunition, hollow slugs filled with holy water are used, a cheap alternative to the ususal solid silver bullet.

10mm Caseless Hollow Point

Her sidearm, which is her issued firearm at Hellsing, is a weapon produced by Hellsing itself, and unique to them. Based on both Colt 1911 and Walther P99, the M2008A1 combines the abilities of both, a snag-free polymer pistol with a long barrel, no delicate parts which could break in combat and most of all, it is entirely black, fires a caseless cartridge in order not to leave any traces of Hellsings presence and operates flawlessly even after thousands of rounds without maintance. Few controls are found on the pistol, and the weapon is very light, even when loaded, makeing it easy to pick up and use even by an untrained soldier.

Tactical Folding Knife

As a blade weapon, she wields a Cold Steel Espada XL, a tactical folding knife with an abnormally large and wide blade as well as a large handle, allowing for tremendously strong cuts and stabs. The knife itself can pierce sheet metal with ease, and even a car`s roof poses little challange to it. When folded, it remains compact enough to be carried in a pocket.

As a vampire, Seras has a lot of physical strength and can lifts weights of up to a ton. She can endure multiple gunshots and even missing limbs without blacking out, indicateing a very high pain resistance.
Seras cannot die from bleeding alone, she, like any vampire, must be killed with a bullet to the head or the heart, although this bullet must be made of silver.
As since she is drinking only as much blood as it is required, she is not all that powerful, but she still learns. Regeneration may take a while, but drinking blood drastically speeds it up, also indicateing a lot of potential there.
Seras is a master marksman and knows several styles of martial arts. As an experienced combatant, she is also skilled at team tactics and is able to give out orders to a group to work effectively.

(I make up a bit here and there to fill the gaps.)

Seras Victoria was born in Leeds at the 21st of march 1980 as the only daughter of a policeman and a housewife.
Five short years, her childhood was bright and perfect, before two robbers came into the house of her parents, drugged and with murderous intent, seeking revenge on Seras`s father. He was shot and killed instantly around Seras`s eyes as her mother told her to hide and wait in the closet while she tried to console the murderers. Seras did so, but her mother was also shot on sight, finally snapping the young girl´s brain. She dashed out of the closet, grabbed a fork and attached one of the robbers, stabbing his eye before getting shot in the gut and being unable to move as they raped the dead body of her mother and stole everything of value, leaving her to die. It was her luck that the neighbours called the police, who then brought her into the hospital, just barely saving her life at the cost of a lot of womb tissue.

Most of this savage act later influenced Victoria in grade school, letting her earn a reputation of a lone dog who would attack other children for lesser reasons, fatally wounding one for stealing her doll. A psychologist later discovered the trauma she had suffered that day and helped her to return into a normal life before she would`ve been thrown out of the orphanage she lived in. From that point on, she repressed the memories of that day back then, hoping to never go through it ever again. After finishing school with surprisingly good grades, Seras went to the police academy to train and become a policewoman in order to finally solve the case that costed her parents their lives.

But even in the police force, she was an outsider, being picked on by others and, more or less affectionately called “Kitten” for her fears and inexperience. Nevertheless, it was a good time of her life and she made it into the main force of the D11 before the fatal night in Cheddar village where her entire squad was murdered by the ghouls of a rouge vampire that desired power. She could outrun him for only so long, after a period of time he eventually caught on with her, disarmed her and was about to rape the virgin girl to turn her into a ghoul afterwards, as he had no use for another vampire beside him.
Alucard then decided to show, leaving a distinct impression on the helpless girl as he effortlessly disposed of the ghoul army, even coming back to life after being shot to bits.
The vampire used her as a human shield, trying to get Alucard to back off or join him, but he had other plans. Shooting Seras after making sure she was a virgin, he turned her into a vampire and kidnapped her, bringing her into the Hellsing organization where she became a soldier.

Her first mission was a complete success as she exterminated a vampire from half a mile away, but the encounter with Anderson brought her to a first defeat, just barely surviving his blessed blades.
She´s now firmly integrated into the Hellsing Organization, instructing the new people on how to hunt vampires as well as doing so herself. She has become a good friend and loyal subordinate of Integra. She´s also been on good terms with Lorelei, haveing worked with her on several assignments, and respects Viktor as a good soldier and hunter.


1: Idea = Fausta.

Seras felt like this wasn´t right, but it was necessary. The new uniform required it, and so it had to be done... even though it was way overdue beforehand. She just didn´t admit it had been necesssary for months.
She felt like she was walking right into a deathtrap. Cold, faint shivers ran over her back, makeing the hair on her neck stand up as she entered it. The trap, she was thinking about.
And so she found herself, strolling through the womans department of a clothes shop, looking around rather unsurely.
"Can i help, young lady?" a voice called her from behind, makeing her twitch and shiver, until she turned around.
"Ah, eh.. yes, kind of..." Seras gave the salesperson, a charming woman with a fake smile and an impatient look a weak grin, then shrugged. "I gotta look for a new bra."

2: The ususal suspects

This was getting old. Really, it was.
Weren´t there any other women in this world? Why always her?
Seras sighed, seeing the men with knives gather around her, ordering her to take off her clothes and surrender.
This was really getting old.
Alas, she coped with it, and broke the hand of the first one, kicking the second in unison, whom went flying into a wall, breaking his back in the process.
Stirred up by this, the three remaining rapists lunged at her with knives, but a quickly drawn shotgun, which fired two slugs at once into the head of one, reduced the threat significantly as his cranium was nonexistant after the boom faded.
Two knives stabbed into her arms, but she just turned rapidly, yanking them out of their hands, before holstering her gun, pulling the knives out and ramming them into their hearts. One last thug remained, twitching and shivering, slowly dropping to the ground while he held his broken hand. Seras smirked down at him, her eyes flashing red, but finally, she controlled herself, showed mercy, and let him go.
Without saying anything or makeing a gesture, she walked off, leaveing the gory sight behind her.

3: Epic sex

He stared at her. Seras stared back at him, clentched her fist and growled. Hans Günsche, the Captain... she had him nailed down, or so she thought. In fact, he was in control the whole time.. she couldn´t make a move without him counteracting to it, while he couldn´t move without her reaction following at the same second. They were at a tie...
From one second to the other, fists flew, but Seras´s fist was quickly grabbed by Hans, who then recieved a kick in the solarplexus, letting her go. Seras stumbled backwards, gaining some ground, but she hadn´t noticed that her back was against the wall. A growl came from her, as she was about to proceed towards him, but suddenly he changed plans and walked towards her.
She backed against the wall, realizeing that she was cornered, and got into a ready stace to fend him off.
Her fists rammed against him, leaveing little more than a red mark, before he gripped both of her shoulders and pressed her against the wall. There was no fight anymore, he had her in his claws.
Like a brutal animal sliceing his prey´s carcus open, the buttons on her uniform became undone, and his sharp teethed mouth pressed onto hers, engulfing in a fiery kiss.

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Re: Seras Victoria

Post by The Captain on Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:01 pm

Ah Gawd teh Crack. Oh well.

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Re: Seras Victoria

Post by Takeo on Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:13 pm

Alright, under your explanation, Seras is B Category. Enjoy.

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Re: Seras Victoria

Post by Kirei on Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:30 pm

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Locked and Moved :3


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Re: Seras Victoria

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