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Open for Applications!

Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:31 pm by Integral Hellsing

We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

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Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

Post by Integral Hellsing on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:22 am

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga): Yes. All of them.

Name: Integral (“Integra”) Fairbrooks Wingates Hellsing

Age: 24

Apparent Age:24

Gender: Female, though she wears clothes that make her appear masculine

Race: Human

Affiliation: The Royal Order Of Protistant Knights: The Hellsing Organization.

Personality: On the surface, Integra seems to show nearly no emotion at all. She seems cold, distant, and uncaring. The only time she smiles is a smirk when things are going as planned. Hover, underneath this cold, unfeeling exterior, Integra actually does feel a wide range of emotions, from joy, to sadness, to intense anger. She locked most of these feelings away when she became the Leader of the Hellsing Orginization by killing her uncle. While she is not as unfeeling as she seems, she is very good at hiding these emotions. The one emotion she can't hide is her anger; her pent up, pure FURY. When she gets angry she basically explodes. Failure, to Integral, is unacceptable. She gets very angry when her team fails. Something that will cause her to cry, however, is the loss of men under her command. If they die, she is remorseful. She often feels its her fault that their families will never see them again. One of her weaknesses is her inability to forgive. Unless the person is very close to her, she has almost no ability to let go of grudges. Her grudge against Alexander Anderson for killing two of her best men is a prime example of that. There is one person whom she shows care for, however. That person is Seras Victoria. She has an almost maternal feeling for her, and will take things from her that she wouldn't take from anyone else.

Appearance:Integral stands at 5’7” tall and has a nice figure, though she tends to hide it under masculine suits. Her long, wavy blonde hair cascades all the way down her back, and her long bangs sometimes fall before her cold blue eyes. She has a long, straight nose and pretty features, though her eyes tend to be cold and her lips are most often set in a frown, clenched around a slim cigar. She wears large, round spectacles and tends to not be able to see without them. Her waist is not thick, but it’s not entirely slim, and she decent sized breasts and average hips.

Integra usually wears a black double breasted suit with a red cravat with a silver cross pin and silver buttons. Underneath the suit she wears a white blouse. She wears dress shoes without heels.

When she is out in the field she wears an olive drab uniform with baggy pants tucked into knee high boots, and a belt with a scabbard for her sword.

Whenever she leaves the mansion she wears a trench coat, either of a white or olive drab colour.

Choice of Weaponry: Integra uses four pistols: A Walther PP/K with incendiery mercury rounds (7 round capacity), a Baretta M93 Raffica (machine pistol) with silver rounds (20 round capacity), a SigSauer P226 with explosive mercury rounds (15 round capacity) and a Browning Hi-Power with silver rounds (10 round capacity). (All these guns except the Walther are canon in the OVA, while the Walther is used in the anime.)

Walther PPK

Browning HP

Beretta M93" alt="" />

Sig-Sauer P226

She also carries a saber of sorts made with a silver alloy to fight the undead. Strangely it is in the style of an 1860’s U.S. Heavy Cavalry Saber.

Abilities: Integra’s most important ability is the ability to lead, and give orders befitting the mission, regardless of what the consequences may be, even if it includes the slaughtering of innocent humans. She’s also got good aim with her pistols and is quite a skilled swordfighter. Her reflexes are very good for a human, and she is able to control her emotions quite well.

[/b]Biography:[/b] Integra was raised by her father, Arthur Hellsing, and Walter Dornez, the family butler. Her mother was Indian and died of a terrible disease when Integra was very young. She has almost no memories of her mother, save a photograph of her holding the baby Integra, dressed in a Sari [traditional Indian clothing].

From the time she was a young child, Arthur taught her the things she would need to know about monsters and the Hellsing Organization, for she would one day become the head of house, and thus, the leader of Hellsing.

Her uncle, however, did not share Arthur’s confidence in the girl...or rather, he wanted to be the head of house himself.

When Integra was ten, her father’s health started to decline. It was a slow sickness, slowly sapping his health and vitality. By the time she was twelve, her father was completely bedridden, and he was close to death.

On his deathbed, Arthur Hellsing made his brother Richard promise to take care of Integra, and named her as the head of the house. Then...he died. Less than a week later,
Richard was hunting Integra down inside the mansion. Some of his men burst into her room while she was sleeping, but she woke up and managed to escape, fleeing into the dark mansion and eventually getting into the air ducts. Richard planned to kill Integra and take the family headship for his own.

Hiding in the air ducts, Integra remembered her father’s words...he had told her that if she was ever in terrible danger that she couldn’t escape from, she should go into the lower levels and seek a certain door.

She did exactly as her father said, only to find a dried up corpse in the dungeon there, with its arms bound behind its back in almost a straight jacket made of leather. She wondered, what could her father possibly have been thinking, leaving a dried up corpse in the dungeon for twenty years. She sighed and sat down next to the corpse, waiting for death.

It was only a matter of time before Richard found her. He told her she was going to die slowly and painfully, and he shot her in the arm. The blood splattered on the ground and on the corpse’s face. A small hissing noise could be heard, but Integra’s scream drowned it out. She defiantly stood against Richard until...

A slurping sound was heard behind them! Everyone turned to look, to see the corpse had come back to life, and was licking up the blood. It was then that Integra realized what the creature was...the most terrible of all monsters: a Vampire!

The Vampire sprung up and killed Richard’s men, then, after Richard tried to shoot Integra, cut off all of Richards fingers. Integra then shot Richard to death. The vampire was named Alucard, and he was in service to the Hellsing family.

Alucard, of course, was really Vlad Tepes, or Dracula...but that’s a story for another time.

Integra became the head of the family, and has been running the Hellsing Orginization since then, when she was twelve.

Much has happened in that time, and Integra has grown up. She’s become a hard sort of woman, focused only on leading her organization, and dedicated to her men. She’s even been knighted and admitted to the Round Table conference. She is intent on destroying Millennium, and refuses to get on with the Iscariot organization based on their repeated attacks on her men, particularly the incident in Badrick with Paladin Alexander Anderson.

Since she took over Hellsing, Admiral Penwood, a good friend of her Father, has been very helpful to her, despite his somewhat cowardly nature.

Sample: Integra sat at her desk, staring ahead blankly; emotionlessly. She reached into a case on the desk next to her and pulled out a slim cigar, placing it in her teeth and lighting it with a small frown on her face. She had not heard from the strike force she sent to Millennium’s temp base in Ireland yet...they most certainly should have encountered the enemy by now; there should have been SOME word of SOMESORT.

She puffed on her cigar. Her exterior was calm, but inside she was anxious. Inside she wanted to be pacing, back and forth, and back and her head she was. She took another puff of the noxious smoke. She stared at the phone, willing it to ring. She glanced up at the guard in the corner of the room and then settled back in her chair a bit. She crossed her legs. Maybe she should have sent Seras with Alucard...but no, she knew Alucard could handle it.

She huffed a sigh, taking the cigar from her lips for a moment. She glanced back to the phone, then looked to Walter, standing next to her.

”Is something the matter, Ma’am?” Walter asked.

”No...of course not, Walter. Fetch me my tea, please,” she said.

”Right away, Ma’am,” he said, bowing and walking out.

The phone rang. She stared at the flashing light on the phone for a moment. It was the direct line...She answered. ”Who is this?” she demanded.

”It is but your humble servant, of course,” said Alucard’s voice.

Integra resisted breathing a sigh of relief. ”Does this mean that the mission was a success?” she asked stonily.

”Why yes, it does,” he said, the smirk evident in his voice.

”Good,” she said. ”How many casualties?”

”Most of the humans are dead, but the base is utterly destroyed,” Alucard said. ”You don’t care about a few little humans, do you?” he asked, the smirk in his voice seeming even more prominent.

Integra’s fist clenched on the desk and she grit her teeth. A few little humans? Did he really just say that? ”OF COURSE I DO YOU BLOODY FOOL!” she yelled, standing now, sending the chair flying back with the violent rise. ”THOSE WERE MY MEN YOU JUST TOLD ME GOT SLAUGHTERED!” she snarled.

”My my, it seems I’ve made you angry, Master,” Alucard said, still smirking. That was what really pissed her off: the contempt in his voice.

”I WANT YOU HERE YESTERDAY, ALUCARD,” she snapped. ”AND MAKE SURE NO ONE ELSE DIES, DAMNIT!” With that she slammed the phone down, hanging it up. Slowly, she sank back into her chair, forcing herself to take deep breaths.

”Ah, here is your tea, Madame,” said Walter, placing the tray down in front of her.

She looked at him for a moment blankly. Finally, she said, “Thank you, Walter.”

”Of course,” said Walter, bowing and moving back to his place near the wall.

Integra took a sip of the tea. It was excellent, as always. She took a deep sniff of the aroma and let it relax her. Tea was a British panacea, after all.

Integral stood before the sea of Ghouls, smoke drifting upwards from the end of her cigar. She pulled her Walther PP/K from her belt and aimed at the ghouls. She gripped her cigar in her teeth and fired all seven rounds at them, each scoring a headshot as they shambled towards her. The seven she hit burst into flame. She dropped the clip and inserted another...They were getting closer...after this clip they would be upon her.

She grit her teeth and fired the next seven rounds. Surely enough they were much closer by the time she was finished with the clip. Her eyes widened as one of the ghouls threw itself at her. Swiftly she drew her sword, aiming to cut the undead thing in half. She managed to slice into it about half way, but wasn’t strong enough to cleanly slice it like Alucard could. She cursed as the ghoul caused her to fall to the ground.

Swiftly she yanked her sword out of the creature and pressed the blade to the creature’s neck and beheaded it. Shoving the creature off of herself, she got up stood her ground against the ghouls, her blade at the ready.
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Re: Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

Post by Nero on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:25 am

You ... ARE ... APPROVED!


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