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Open for Applications!

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We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Modern Day Alchemist

Viktor Volkov

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Viktor Volkov

Post by Viktor on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:27 am

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga): Yes and Yes

Name: Viktor Volkov
Age: 350

Apparent Age: Mid-twenties

Gender: Male

Race: Special Human

Affiliation: Hellsing

Personality: Viktor is calm, cool-headed, generally optimistic, and generally in mildly good moods. However, he is also amoral and quite more violence-loving than he seems to be. His persistent optimism and cheerful demeanor make him a bit difficult to read at times.

Appearance: He stands solidly at 6’1’’ and possesses the slim, toned body of a fencer. He is thin faced with a sharp nose and dark, sharp eyes as well as short, dark hair. His arms and chest carry a variety of tattoos and his entire back is taken up by a very stylized tattoo of a Hanya face.
Being a man of wealth and taste, Viktor sticks to tailored suits for his attire the majority of the time. However, his most common outfit consists of black slacks, a navy blue button down shirt, a knee-length gray with black fur collar and cuffs, and steel-tipped shoes.

Choice of Weaponry: Viktor prefers knives of all types. He keeps a long fighting and survival knife on him at all times and carries several sets of throwing knives with him on missions. All the knives are silver or silver edged.

Abilities: He possesses the power to create and manipulate ice at will. This can extend to just about anything he can think of without the creation being audaciously huge. In terms of physical abilities, he is on par with a category A vampire. All these come from being bonded with a spirit-being, him and the spirit being on in the same and giving him access to all the powers the spirit had.

Biography: Born in 1651 in a small village on the edge of the Siberian wastes, Viktor grew up with little thought or knowledge of the more civilized world. The son of a hunter, he grew up learning his father’s trade. Learning to stalk and kill with blade and arrow, which he learned well. When he was twenty and off on his own in the woods hunting for meat, he was attacked viscously by a rabid wolf and nearly killed. It was at this moment of near-death he was met with a spirit of war called Zagi. For reasons Viktor would never know, the spirit took pity on the dying man and offered to save his life. This would be achieved by Viktor binding him with Zagi, he and the spirit becoming one in the same, but Zagi's consciousness remaining separate from Viktor's. Refusing to die from wounds inflicted by a mad wolf, Viktor agreed. The joining healed the wounds the wolf had torn into his flesh leaving no scars to tell anything had gone wrong. Viktor knew he could not stay in his small village for much longer and took his first chance to get out when he volunteered to go to the nearest city with his aging grandfather to buy certain supplies. The old man, sensing something was wrong with his grandson, allowed Viktor to depart without a fuss, telling the young man he always had a feeling Viktor would be one of the few to leave the simple life behind.
His life after leaving the village took a turn for the extremely interesting. In 1820, he met a young German woman named Lorelei and her brother Sigmund at a ball the Tzar was holding. After a slightly awkward first meeting in which Lorelei spilled a drink on him, the trio became friends. Viktor quickly found himself becoming a bit more than just friends with Lorelei, however. After all, he found her to be quite beautiful with her red hair a bright blue eyes.
Viktor found himself spending more and more time with Lorelei as months went on. He found his growing affection for her turning into something more, something deeper. He found it a bit tragic at first, as he could live indefinitely and she was still bound by mortality. This, however, all changed on a fateful night in 1823. The three of them were on their way home from a bar, rather drunk, when they were attacked by a huge wolf. The beast attacked Lorelei first and clawed her deeply and bit her. Sigmund intervened and got the same treatment. Viktor managed to wound the beast and drive it away, having realized what it was the moment it attacked. Gathering up both Sigmund and Lorelei, he took them to his grandfather's home in the country, knowing they would be safe there in their new condition.
Within the rural area, he was able to keep both eyes on Lorelei and Sigmund as they went through the changes of being Werewolf pups. Each full moon, the pair would return to human form and could enjoy the company of Viktor, his grandfather, and his grandfather's friends before turning back with the dawn. Outside of the full moon, they were Viktor's pets as far as outsiders were concerned.
Viktor's world changed substantially in 1917. By that time, Lorelei and Sigmund were full-fledged werewolves and the Communists were revolting against the Aristocracy. Viktor got into the thick of it along with Lorelei and Sigmund, and met a man by the name of Yuri, who he became good friends with. He took part in both the Revolution and the ensuing civil war afterwards, never straying too far from Lorelei and Sigmund. That is, until Sigmund left, only saying that was "Going to Africa" and vanished.
World War One was waged during this period and it was a conflict Viktor stayed out of, his attention concerning military matters focused on the Revolution and civil war.
Viktor enjoyed a time of relative peace with Lorelei after the civil war. They moved in to the Russian capitol and kept up with politics a bit, but mostly kept to themselves. At least, until the call to war came again with the spark that set World War Two ablaze. Viktor had joined the Russian army, but had been spared participation in the Winter War.
He did not find himself involved in the war until the Nazi's attacked Stalingrad. In the ensuing violence and chaos, he slowly climbed his way up the chain of command (his superiors kept dying and left him as the only one qualified to take their place). With his new command status, he was able to put together a team comprised of "special" individuals like himself and Lorelei. Yuri was included when he revealed his talent for controling electrical currents.
The Red Army's offensive push began and Viktor, along with Lorelei and the unit, made sure they were at the forefront. During the offensive, Viktor met a young man by the name of Walter who worked for something called the "Hellsing Organization" that was based in London. After long talks with Walter, Viktor agreed to accompany him back to Hellsing when the War was over. Lorelei was able to come as well since Viktor refused to go without her.
The War ended. In the final battles in Berlin, Viktor participated in the taking of the Reichstag. Once things had settled down a bit, he left for England with Walter and Lorelei. He parted ways with Yuri upon leaving.
Viktor was not sure what to make of Arthur Hellsing upon first meeting the man, but after being accepted as a member of the organization and spending some time around, he slowly gained a good deal of respect for the man. Viktor found a great deal of peace with Lorelei during their early years at Hellsing, though he was prone to traveling around. It was during one such excursion that he got all his tattoos, including the Hanya tattoo that now covers his entire back.
As the years went on, the only things that really changed around Hellsing were the death of Arthur, the disappearance and reappearance of Alucard, and the young but very capable Integra taking over from her father. Though, Viktor spends less time traveling around nowadays.

Sample: Integral says this is not neccessary.

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Re: Viktor Volkov

Post by Integral Hellsing on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:30 am

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