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Pepsi Man Java Game 320 240

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Gta San Andreas Cheat Codes Pdf Download

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Open for Applications!

Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:31 pm by Integral Hellsing

We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Modern Day Alchemist

Jennie Austin Done

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Jennie Austin Done

Post by Seras Victoria on Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:02 pm

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga). PLEASE NOTE that the original 13 episode anime is NOT Canon! You must have read the manga or watched the OVA:

Jennifer Austin,
Jennie for short


Apparent Age:



Wild Geese


Jennie is an adrenaline addict, an action crazy psychopath who rushes to the front line and lays down suppressive fire. While this doesn´t seem practical for a military unit at first, this actually helped quite a few times as since the other members of her squad are free to leave or enter the battlefield when she draws all the attention to herself. In private, she`s almost uncharacteristically quiet, sociopathic and calm, she only looses her cool when gunfire is ablaze... and when that happens, her inner psycho is unleashed to bring hell to her enemies.


Whilst looking frail at first sight, Jennie´s all muscle. As a result, she only looks feminine at first glance, causing enemies who underestimate her to go down nice and simple. Jennie´s blonde hair is long and kept in a long pony, her green eyes seem piercing and poisonous to those who anger her. The rather cute round, lightly frail looking face with the small nose and smooth features can archive some truly threatening expressions.
On her left leg, a scar travels up from near the knee to the hips, result from a hand to hand combat with a fanatic Iran terrorist.
Other than that, a large red mark-like scar remains on the midsection, a gunshot scar. Two tribal tattoos and a flaming skull one are patched onto her left arm, the symbol of Blackwater is tattooed onto her left chest, above the heart.

Jennie wears military pants, usually in NightOps camo to blend into her environment if necessary. High military boots accompanied with knee protectors and a dragonskin armored vest complete the outfit, under the vest is only a simple muscle shirt.
Oh, and she wears gloves. Because THIS IS HELLSING!! *kicks*

Choice of Weaponry:
AK-107 with 6L31 60 round magazines

5,45mm fully automatic or single shot carbine rifle. The AK 100 series has a built in recoil buffer that almost completely eliminates the recoil of the weapon. Relict from her days in Blackwater. Being as reliable as any AK, it can stand suppressive fire of up to 500 rounds nonstop before the plastic furniture starts to melt.
Silver FMJ bullets, 60 bullets per magazine, 6 magazines total.

Colt Single Action Army Cavalry model

Single action revolver, custom made with unfluted cylinder and wood grips. A present from the Army for her early retirement. .45 Long Colt caliber, sixshooter. 12 bullets spare to reload.
Uses massive silver rounds.

Desert Eagle

Semiautomatic sporting pistol for long ranges. Presented to her as an Anti Vampire weapon by Hellsing. .50 Action Express caliber. Ineffective against armor, overkill against anything else. A shot to the chest can terminate a human life even without striking a vital area through the massive hydrostatic shock of the projectile.
Silver jacketed DU rounds with increased mass, 7 rounds per magazine, 3 magazines in total.

AK Bayonet

Silver coated

Frag Grenades

(Airsoft, but looks neat.)
Simple silver fragmentation grenade with a lethal radius of 40-50 metres. Two carried in total.

Good marksmanship
Jennifer is able to hit any target from 200 metres away, if its at least four inches in diameter.

Agile, fast and strong
Jennifer has won several athletics competitions in her teenhood.

Military training
Before entering the Geese, Jennifer served in the US Army for half a year, then changed to Blackwater Security and worked under them, for a good year and a half.

Jennies troubled childhood begins somewhere in the Gulf region, where she was born as the daughter of a G.I. during Operation Dawn in the Iran-Iraq war. Her father fell during the battle, and her mother was captured as a POW, leaving her to grow up on her own.
The harsh life in a war torn land made her a silent, aggressive child, and as soon as possible, she joined the ranks of the US Military to find out more about her father... and to get away from the streets.
However, after her enlistment and employment in the first Gulf War, things took a different turn for her.. instead of finding out more, she found herself in the same position her father once was in, fighting to survive in an injust war.
After a severe injury on her leg, she was released from duty in honor, but she didn´t feel like a wreck yet... during the war she had been fighting in the Gulf region, Jennie made a brief contact with a "security agency" named Blackwater... a mercenary guild who had been fighting there illegally under employment of the USA.... her new home.

Blackwater accepted her with open arms, fighters of her caliber were always something to be desired. However, despite serving longer under Blackwater than under the Army, her employment was ended on her behalf as the second Gulf War broke out. A man named Pip Bernadotte had made her a much better offer, away from the deserts and the suffering of her homeland, somewhere safe, in Europe.
Like Blackwater, the Wild Geese had been recruited by the state, but by the kingdom of Great Britan which was something entirely different from what she was used to. Another thing she wasn´t used to was the creatures that she had to fight: vampires, ghouls and werewolves, something one only knew from fairytales...
But who cares what the target is, so long as it bleeds and it can die?


Normal post:

Jennie hated life when it was quiet. The worst times in the gulf region were the quiet ones. People died on the streets regardless, you just didn´t hear it because they were killed from hunger, decease, murderers and simply by the terrible life standards.. sure, here in London, these rules didn´t apply, but deep in her mind, she saw the children dieing on the streets, the war taking its toll even after it had officially ended.
She came back from a shopping tour, only buying necessarities before returning to her room, locking the door behind herself and taking an outrageous amount of sleeping pills, to leave it all behind, to forget about the times back when she was a child.

Battle Post:

But even in her dreams, she wasn`t comfy with the situation in the least. Her dreams took her back to the time in Blackwater, when their enemy outgunned and outmanned them.. they could only rely on skill and pure luck alone.
Grenades and rockets exploded around them, the constant sound of AK-47 fire shaking her mind... in a mere two second break to reload, Jennie had jumped up, pulling her rifle along and ran towards the enemy, her rifle blazing with eight hundred rounds a minute.
The Iraqis, terrified by the sight of someone simply dashing through their defense with a war face on, grabbed their guns and ran, only to be shot down by Jennie´s fire..
Her fellow soldiers soon followed, running after her and firing at the enemy, killing those who managed to escape Jennie´s rifle bursts...
The whole world went black in an instant, and she felt a thud.

Social Post:

Jennie Austin opened her eyes and found herself starring at the carpet, her belly hurting while the bed was standing next to her.
Just a dream... but her "death" seemed rather real.
Groaning, she pulled herself up on the bed, then stared at the door as someone came in, despite the lock.

'"Captain...?" She asked, still soggy from her drugs.

"Girlie, what the hell are you doing to yourself again? You aren´t going to escape your past like that." Pip said to her, crossing his arms in a rather pissed fashion.

"...How the hell did you get in here...?" She said, almost moaning while she was holding her belly, sitting back onto the bed.

"It was open."

Jennie stared at him in confusion, then looked around to find that the key in her door lock was missing....

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Re: Jennie Austin Done

Post by Takeo on Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:01 pm

A barren woman lacking empathy eh? So let's see... everything seems in order. Looks like you got yourself a stamp your way. Enjoy.

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Just one more and you're good to go.
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Re: Jennie Austin Done

Post by Adelaide von Sommer on Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:21 pm


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Re: Jennie Austin Done

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