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Gta San Andreas Cheat Codes Pdf Download

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Open for Applications!

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We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Modern Day Alchemist

Father Tanaka

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Father Tanaka

Post by Father Tanaka on Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:39 pm

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga). PLEASE NOTE that the original 13 episode anime is NOT Canon! You must have read the manga or watched the OVA: Yes, I did, all of it.

Name: Proditor Tanaka

Age: 36 years old.

Apparent Age: 30's.

Gender: Male.

Race: Special Human

Affiliation: The Vatican Section XII: The Iscariot Organization.

Rank: Vatican Exorcist & Inquisitor of Heretical Affairs.

Personality: Father Tanaka is a man who has very firm values in comparison to his own morals, rather than the Church's. Finding himself vastly different to the ideals, and yet adhering to the Church's system like a Chameleon who vipers their way through a target's throat, coiling. A very cunning man that finds himself with the express purpose of advancing his own cause, which is to say merely to gain influence in order to satiate what great power he lacked in his youth, that he will attain now. The way he acts is not true to his own facade, sometimes delving within a mask, and sometimes acting true to himself -- which is to say very cold without warmth. What warmth he has is artificial at best, and feigned. Finding a general distaste for the state of humanity, and how secular powers have grown to be fat on the preserved knowledge of the Church that prevented people from plummeting into the Dark Ages in the old Medieval days of yonder. A misanthrope at best that hates everything about humanity's current affairs, and even worse, those that abandon their humanity to become something stronger, a shortcut to power he despises. A very sharp contrast to his style of attaining power through merit and hard-work alone. Though not exactly a very pious individual, he can recite and quote scriptures with little to no problems, looking at it more as a scholar rather than as a theologist. Has a verbal tic of typically starting sentences with "REJOICE!" usually. Very sardonic, and smug, wears a smile on his face all the time as if he has schadenfreude. But also for some reason, has a trustworthy demeanor in the way he acts to the typical average person.

With a long hair split between two sides in the front, showing his forehead, with thick eyebrows, and brownish eyes, Father Tanaka looks somewhat Asian but has some European ancestry, as evident by the fact he has more menacing eyes that don't look silly or slanted, but rather typical of a European, yet his skin is rough, and his nose protruding. The detail which stands to betray his Asian-ness is in fact his cheeks, but they are sabotaged by the fact he is gaunt. He is more European in appearance than Asian. He stands at the height of 6' 3" feet tall, and has very broad shoulders. He also is not exactly skinny, given he has muscles, though they aren't exactly highlighted by his clothing given the concealing nature of his clothes. He wears a Priest's cassock like a coat, without the clerical collar, a large golden cross like a necklace, a priest shirt, pants, some shoes with custom fit soles to help with traction on even the slippy of surfaces. Underneath his Priestly shirt is a somewhat tight fit black muscle T-shirt which highlights his physique. He tends to keep most of his things on special holsters on his coat as well as sheathes for his special weapons.

Choice of Weaponry: Divine Scriptures: Pages blessed and anointed with holy oil, furthermore chants reinforce each page with potent blessings, these scriptures are used set holy blue fire to whatever supernatural unholy abomination get caught within its hold. Useful for Exorcism too, and infectious in flames. Used to clear out huge hordes of ghouls by setting them on fire and reducing them to cinders when a ghoul makes contact with the page, even by mediums like their shoes that they wear or gloves that they have on. It can transmit fire from one to another by proximity of two feet. A vampire takes a longer time to burn down to ashes though, and may still save themselves as they avert themselves from the scriptures by distancing themselves, as it is far tougher to take down a sentient abomination than a mindless drone. This is primarily used to slow down regeneration by half to whatever vampire that gets entangled with this, and is not usually fatal to them unless by some fit of madness, they kept the scriptures pages unto themselves. In that case, they'd turn to ashes and expire. Supernatural powers considered abominable are nullified by these pages, as they are purified by the power of each of these words contained within. Werewolves are a different case as they breathe life, and are of the living, do not find themselves effected by scriptures, as their beastial nature often comes not from their own domain. Nonetheless, if that were the case, the best the scripture can do to a lycanthrope is make them extremely sick and nauseous. Stacks these scriptures in bible cover, easily ripped out with a tug. The bible is thick, and is hidden underneath his cassock.


Black Keys: Taking the form of blades and other weapons, usually in the form of long rapier-like swords or spears (although they are generally thrown as a dagger or used to stab opponents). Its attack power is enough to pierce through concrete walls. The amount of skill required to properly wield them causes the Black Keys not to be used often. They excel at interfering with and damaging those that act as harbingers of evil, bringing about abominable perversity of life and coming to exist through means unnatural and often times magical, whichever the Church considers heretical and abominable. The effect on beings like humans is minimal besides the damage incurred physically as if it were a knife wound as they are not unholy abomination but they are very effective against the creatures that are being hunted down by Iscariot, like vampires or werewolves. The blade of the Black Keys is made out of blessed steel, molded to be durable and sharp, with silver surface plating (blessed as well) enveloping the steel, as to be an effective melee weapon, melted from Church crosses in that the blessings are strong enough to retard regeneration process in the abominable supernatural down to a snail's crawl, if not stop it at all outright in weaker entities. They can be used in claw form, and are all identical but usually more used like swords. Usually Tanaka carries several dozens of them. The Black Key is 50cm in height. Conceals them underneath his coat. Can be used thrown, and can slash as well, but given its straight forward nature, better off stabbing.


Abilities: Considered primarily special due to his sheer physique, untainted by science and more a case of power attained by excessive discipline and insane amount of training, Father Tanaka is noted as a special human. In the case that he can stand against a B-ranked vampire in strength, keep up with a B-ranked vampire in speed and reaction, and has a dexterity to which he can easily juggle 6 bottles with one hand only. But he lacks the benefits of regeneration, and the durability that comes from being a regenerator or a vampire. Though he makes it up with sheer endurance, capable of taking far more punishment than a normal human could.

Also knows Bajiquan, with an astute knowledge of the human body and the intimate working, in that he can also work as a surgeon if need be.

Biography: Born in Okinawa, Japan, to a Japanese father and an Italian mother, and raised in a devout Christian household, with the name Tsugoya Tanaka, he was made to think that the pleasures of the world are a sin, and the greatest thing to ever occur in his life is to give service to the Almighty Lord God. His parents were restraining even the smallest of his past times to reading, praying, and memorizing scriptures without fail. Even the school he went to was a Catholic school, taught in Latin, Japanese, and English there with an astute knowledge of the many working of his faith. Despite the high marks and valedictorian achievements he attained there with a singularly focused goal of learning more about theology, he felt empty about it. His opinion was not noted, this was not coming out of inner desire, though pious he was, but out of mere dictation of direction. He took upon himself to exercise not only the discipline of his mind but of his body in his teenage years, though lonely as he was with no solace of companionship. His parents did not express any sense of disregard for his pursuit of the body, but rather did not mind it for Tsugoya already shown how well versed he is in Catholicism.

Eventually as time went on and he graduated out of the Catholic school, he enrolled in a foreign theological college to pursue a life as a priest. Dabbling in a few forbidden lore here and there and researching far more on the supernatural than he should in the libraries forbidden access from him, he was caught for it, but instead of subjected to harsher implements, his outstanding educational records granted him audience as an Acolyte in an organization he learnt on his own research to be Iscariot, something that impressed a Bishop to allow him entry under the condition he speaks to none about his finding. Tanaka swore to it. He learned under a Paladin by the name of Sister Margaret, though unconventional for a Paladin title as it may be, she has earned it by sheer merits. Merely not acknowledged for it publicly aside from being seen as a radiating level of piety. Many aspirations of his were still yet unrealized till he met her, the top of the top, even better than him. He never met an equal in studies or the pursuit of the body, but Sister Margaret? She was far improved than he is in many aspects despite being what Tanaka considered the lesser sex, and the subordinated one. His views cleared up, but instead of seeing her as a superior, he saw her as a rival for his newly attained bid for power as jealousy welled up inside him mingling with determination. He trained under her, observing her techniques with fervour, learning without fail, and tracing along it with an imitation turned into sheer innovation by what he improved over the holes he saw in her martial prowess. Everytime he trained with her, Sister Margaret grew to find herself infatuated with such a diligent person, seeing piety and purity in Tanaka from what facade of scholarly interest he maintained. Swooned and swayed like a puppet on a string, and its not that Tanaka didn't notice this either. Many times, he has come to observe human interactions in the more forbidding Catholic school where socializing was the much needed vice everyone tried to do, especially that of the verboten. His only need for interaction was merely observation. Nonetheless, he continued to play on her infatuation till she fell in love with Tanaka, taking him out more and more on missions whilst keeping it a secret about her crush. Tanaka did not seem to care about it, besides vaguely showing interest back she interpreted as a reserved way of his own affection when really, its his contemptuous dislike of her easily tampered emotions.

Those missions he went out with at first, was merely observation as she slew ghouls on the rise, and the vampire masters behind it. Even coming to eradicate malevolent possessions by chanting verses from the scriptures, and dousing the possessed in holy water and so on and so forth with the esoteric and almost mystical albeit complicated mannerism. Absorbing knowledge about rooting out heresy just as well as performing exorcisms, sometimes more forceful ones such as the sudden killing of vampires. He grew to like this too much, it was like an art for him to master -- the slaying of the abominable, and perfecting the crafts of doing so. Stalking their prey and slaying them, that was the way Iscariot functioned. It was a new challenge that for once in his uneventful life of studies, he truly felt the joy of learning, and doing things. Eventually though time and time again doing this, and exercising his body within Iscariot regimen and beyond, he felt that he surpassed Sister Margaret when he soundly bested her in combat sparring. Suddenly from then, he turned cold, shunning Sister Margaret with an unspoken contemptuous look that she knew lingered there, that it gnawed at her very soul knowing not why this demeanor was maintained. She tried to appease Tanaka by taking him with her on a mission, this time, against the very rare sighted werewolves, or more accurately, werewolf. The Lycanthrope was no vicious beast by any means, but merely a pup. A routine thing. Tanaka slashed at Margaret's back with his Black Key, ripping the motor functions from her spine, as she fell flat on her face. The werewolf being a mindless beast, came to finish Sister Margaret, whilst Tanaka saw with glee as she was begging for mercy whilst mercilessly being chewed alive and killed horribly by the werewolf. When she expired and was eaten sufficiently and horrifically enough, the werewolf turned its attention to Tanaka. It was not an opponent to spend much of his fighting prowess against. He stabbed the stupid beast, slaying it on the spot as the it turned out to be a she when she reverted to her human form, a feral girl perhaps bitten by a hungering werewolf and left alive by sheer luck. With the death sealed, Tanaka's report to the Iscariot was that Sister Margaret was slain by a very powerful werewolf by a surprise attack. The report was sound, and she was too mangled with some slash at her back, or rather a semblance of it at her back with the many more slashes and bites, which does indeed show that she was ambushed. Tanaka slew the beast with his full awareness, and avenged her. The Iscariot only saw that there was one person worthy of succeeding Sister Margaret, and the fact he was capable of killing a beast that killed her, had only cemented his rise to prominence and a promotion. Taking upon a motif that mirrors Iscariot's nature, the now Father Tanaka would change his first name to Proditor Tanaka. Given a position as an Exorcist as well as an Inquisitor given the teaching and inclination being more knowledged, he has come to act as an Iscariot field agent only when required on matters that involve investigating vampiric whereabouts, werewolf sightings, and even the more treacherous people who delve into the Occult. For years now without Sister Margaret doing this, and coming to accumulate much experience as a result of it. His treachery never founded, and flourishing as a result of it. Seen as a pretty powerful agent as a result of his physical training and discipline, and the steps he has undertaken to be capable of fighting the supernatural head on without fear, amplified thus by experience.

Sample: (Please refer to Takeo)
Father Tanaka

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Re: Father Tanaka

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What can I say? I'm a sucker for beautifully written and detailed applications.



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