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Open for Applications!

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We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Post by Kyosuke on Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:15 am

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga). PLEASE NOTE that the original 13 episode anime is NOT Canon! You must have read the manga or watched the OVA: All of the manga, all of the OVA, seen and read the dawn.

Name: Kyosuke [last name unknown]

Age: He hails from the feudal eras of Japan. No one is entirely sure on his on his age as he hasn't deigned to tell anyone

Apparent Age: He appears in his early thirties

Gender: Male.

Race: Kitsune (fox trickster demon)

Affiliation: Unaffiliated


Personality: Kyo is a trickster by nature. He's extremely dominating and sadistic, and doesn't appreciate people trying to be dominating or domineering over him, and will often react to this with violence. He is a demon and is utterly unapologetic for what he is. He has raped and killed and driven people to madness, all with a fox faced grin. He is wicked, and often sarcastic and blunt, though he is also very patronizing and talks down to people a lot. He is sly, and it shows in his voice, which almost always has a lilting tone when he speaks. He is haughty and arrogant, and full of himself. He's strong and he knows it, and he doesn't let other people forget either, unless it's in his best interest. He will lay low and pretend to be weak to get close to someone. He is unashamed to use anything at all to his advantage, to the point of outright deception, regardless if it should hurt someone. However, he can be sad, at times. He is alone in this world, after all. No one and nothing like him truly exist any more, not on this plane. He is lonely, really and truly, but masks it with arrogance and a sly smirk.

He does have some kindness in his heart, but it is usually hard to drag out. He must be highly invested in an individual to show them kindness of any sort, generally, though if someone can prove themselves worthy of him giving a damn he can be an invaluable ally.

He has long lasting ties with Yue Kinomoto and perhaps might be a little in love with her, though you'd easier get him to admit to a terrible dishonour than the fact he could ever love someone.

Appearance: Kyosuke stands at 6'5" tall, and has the build of a swimmer, with a lean, yet muscular body. His skin of a yellower tone than a Caucasian, and his hands and feet are large. In his natural form, he has cream coloured fur on his hands and feet, which have black claws. He also has cream coloured fox ears, and a total of eight cream fox tails tipped with orange, though he usually appears with only two. His eyebrows are cream dots of fur, and he has a bright red cross in the middle of his forehead.

However, this is not the usual form he takes, so as not to alarm the humans he now dwells amongst. In his "normal" form he appears with no fur and normal human eyebrows, though his hair remains a creamy white colour, falling around his face in outward curves, whit a small tuft in a curl coming from the top of his head. His almond shaped eyes are perpetually closed in a sly smile, with his lips always in a smirk, a typical "fox face" as is referred to by the Japanese (think Gin Ichimaru from bleach or Hazama from Blazblue). As is typical for a Kitsune, he seems to have an almost unearthly beauty around him, despite the powerful, dominating, and downright dangerous feeling he emits. It's part of the way he lures the unwary to him.. He typically wears a white muscle tank under a mandarin collared military style jacket, with black jeans and leather flip flops (or thongs as some people call them). He almost never wears socks, no matter how cold it is. his unusual height gains him a lot of stares, but once his unusual colouring and foxed face smirk are seen, most people give him his space.

His eyes almost never open, but when they do, you can see that they are bright orange with slit pupils - fox eyes. This is something he cannot change, no matter what form he takes. He walks with an aire of smug confidence - an aloofness that some find attractive and others steer clear of.

He may also take the form of a cream coloured fox with orange tipped tail/s.

Choice of Weaponry: Kyo prefers to fight unarmed, but when he must use a blade or gun he general prefers a silver alloy katana/wakizashi combo (although his style to fight with them is a bit unusual) and a Walther PP/K with blessed silver bullets. After all, sometimes it's the only way to put things down. He also likes knives. Silver edged knives of all sorts. They suit his wicked ways just fine.

Abilities: Kyo is a powerful, being. He has the ability to shift forms at will, however when he is in full human form, he must hide his fox skin, as he cannot return to fox form without it, and if someone were to get hold of it, well, they would have him trapped in human form until he could find it again.

One of his main abilities is hypnotism and mind control. Only people with very strong force of will or who know what he truly is are capable to resist this, and even then not everyone can. He can get inside of peoples heads and bend them to his will, or force them to madness. Often he gets unsuspecting humans to do his killing for him in just this fashion.

Kyo has not reached "nine tailed" status, and thus has not yet become omnipotent, as his nine tailed brethren are purported to be, however he may occasionally (at GM discretion) have a vision of something going on somewhere else, or the future or past. These visions may occur without warning and be momentarily crippling, leaving Kyosuke with a mind numbing migraine for up to four hours. Everything he does would (in table top terms) take penalties for as long as he has these headaches (i.e. Slowed reaction times, harder to think).

Kyosuke also has control over fire, as most of his species does.

Kyosuke's most terrible weaknesses are not to silver weaponry, or that blessed by a Christian priest, but rather Cold Iron and weapons blessed by Shinto priests. He may still be harmed by non-blessed and non-cold iron weaponry, but to these he is most weak. For him to be truly killed he must be staked with cold iron through the heart.

Biography: In ancient Japan, a Kitsune was not so rare of a thing. In fact, they were quite commonplace. Everyone knew what to watch out for for kitsune, and everyone new the legends of men stealing a beautiful kitsune woman's fox skin and marrying her. In fact, these legends are still widely told in Japan, but no one's seen a fox spirit for a long time. That's because in the ancient days, The Kitsune wee sealed away with the other Oni into a separate plane.

And so there I was. For several thousand years. A lot of people know the legends of my people, but most of them don't know what we feed on - human hearts. WE all were stuck there, the oni, the kitsune, and the dragons. We quarreled and squabbled and tore each other to bits in fits of rage and hunger and boredom. Thousands of years! THOUSANDS! You pitiful humans can't even begin to comprehend being alive for THOUSANDS OF YEARS let alone being locked away and starved for as long! *Ahem.* I digress.

In the Muromachi period, I did something that I didn't know would effect my life as much as it did. I found a girl. A human girl, more in death than in life. The Shinigami had its claws around her throat and try as it might she wouldn't let it drag her into death. I am sure, because she was more dead than she was alive, that this is how I was able to find her, and crawl into her brain. What? I was bored. I could speak to her in dreams, and we did speak. . . I would have made a deal with her to save her if I could have, but Her mind was as far of the human realm as I could see and touch. A real monster came to her though, The Huntsman, Myrdred he is called. He drank her blood and saved her. I. . . Stayed with her a long time, only in dreams. It was all I could do.

You can imagine my surprise then, I'm sure, when I awoke in a cage in Tokyo. Not the Tokyo I had known either. Florescent lights, glass walls, wires and tubes hooked into me with needles and syringes, and humans. . . no, not humans. . . vampires, staring at me from the other side of the glass, wearing surgical masks and white coats, jotting down little notes on their clipboards. Humans, vampires, close enough. I broke the glass. They looked surprised, I must admit, but not as surprised as they looked when I ripped out that one girls heart and started eating it. IT wasn't really . . . hard, to kill all of them. It was actually rather fun, but I was still hungry. I'm still. Hungry. I guess that was when I ran into those two. Myrdred and. . . Yue. Hnnnn, yes, I remember that fight. Secluded in underground subway tunnels, trying not to get hit by trains. . . .Oh but I ever did so want to take my girl back from that beast. . . But. . . The look in her eyes when the beast did manage to get hit by a train. . . Well, negotiations had to be opened, of course. In the end we decided it would be. . . mutually beneficial to travel together, at least for now. We went quite a ways, us three. All the way from Tokyo, to Paris, to California and finally to London.

Of course when you're tearing out people's hearts, sometimes the wrong sorts of people take notice. The police? No, I'm not worried about those weakminded fools. I can get -them- to do whatever I want. . . but that Integra Hellsing. . . Oh now now~ She's a force to be reckoned with, isn't she~ Oh and the ferocity in her eyes when she realized she couldn't~ kill me. And would have to deal with me instead ~ Oh yes, I'll treasure the look of fury on that girl's face for all my days I do believe~ Kufufu~ So now we deal in information as a currency~ But oh~ You know me. . . I don't like to put all of my eggs in one basket so to speak, uhuhuhuu~ Information goes to the highest bidder, of course, unless the Hellsing child is threatening me with that pet of hers. Then I usually toss her a bone~

These days you can find me in a Pub in London, generally~ Which one? That's up to you to figure out. Happy hunting~

Sample: "Oh? Is that so~ Well, no, I don't think I shall be reasonable, dear Yue~ Reasonable, please! When have I ever been reasonable?" he scoffed, smirking from behind a cup of sake. "We must stay here. I LIKE it here! So damp and uncomfortable~ And the accents the humans have is so amusing to me~"

"Then what of the Hellsing Organization, Kyo?" Yue demanded. "What of them? And What of Millennium? If we stay in one place too long, they're bound to find us."

He chuckled a bit darkly and shook his head. "Oh, but Yue. . . " he said in an almost patronizing tone before looking up at her, his eyes opening ever so slightly to reveal molten copper-orange irises with slitted pupils as he gained a very dark smirk. "That's exactly what I'm counting on~."

The Vampire recoiled slightly, as she always did when he opened his eyes; it was generally never a good sign. "Well. . . if you say so, Kyo."

"I do in fact say so," he said humourlessly. "Now, go tell your Master my decision. And don't leave room for argument, I'm in -no- mood," he growled lowly.

((Other Notes: Kyo is meant to serve mostly in an NPC capacity. His voice actors are Yusa Koji and Doug Erholtz))

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Re: Kyosuke

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Stamped, awaiting and approved? I mean approved.

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Re: Kyosuke

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Re: Kyosuke

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