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Open for Applications!

Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:31 pm by Integral Hellsing

We are now open for applications! Rping will start as soon as we have enough characters. Many canon characters are needed! Head to the registry to make YOUR character.

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Modern Day Alchemist

Lorelei Saenger

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Lorelei Saenger

Post by Lorelei Saenger on Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:37 am

Have you seen the Hellsing OVA and/or Read the Manga? How many volumes have you seen/read? (We recommend that you have seen up to OVA 6 or read up to Volume 6 of the manga): I have read every volume of the manga, including Crossfire and The Dawn, and seen OVA's 1-5.

Name: Lorelei Saenger

Age: 209

Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Gender: Female

Race: Elder Lycan

Affiliation: The Royal Order of Protestant Knights: The Hellsing Organization

Personality: Lorelei is very unlike her brother. While he was/is laid back, Lorelei is fiery and spunky, and often stern. She is also very angry at times. She still tends to get peeved over small things, and occasionally something will really cause her to explode, rivaling a heavily accented Integra at times. She is caring, though, and kind, sometimes to a fault. She’s unwaveringly loyal to those close to her and to the organization. She loves singing, dancing, and especially cooking.

Appearance: Lorelei is 5’2 1/2 inches tall (She’ll tell you she’s 5’3”) with long, curly flaming red hair and white bangs framing her face and large, sky blue eyes. Her skin is fair and she’s absolutely covered in freckles, especially across her nose and cheeks, shoulders and arms. She’s got a very cute face that belies her fiery nature. She has a narrow torso, small breasts, and wide hips with a curved backside and shapely legs. She doesn’t look very threatening, but she packs quite the punch.

In wolf form she take the appearance of a large russet wolf with white tipped ears and tail. In Anthro-wolf form, she is 5'7" tall and very muscular, retaining her human proportions and wolf form colours, and in Beast Wolf form, she stands at 6' tall at the shoulder, but otherwise looks the same as her wolf form

Lorelei usually wears a tank top with flair jeans and standard issue Hellsing combat boots. She typically wears an olive drab jacket over the ensemble, with a Hellsing armband worn in much the same way the Nazi armband was worn by her enemies. She detests skirts but will wear them or a dress if the situation direly calls for it, however, her nails are always well manicured and she keeps them slightly long.

Choice of Weaponry:
Barrett M107 anti-material rifle, blessed silver rounds, armour piercing and normal.
2 Walther P99 pistols, 16 round capacity, blessed silver bullets.
2 long knives, 12 inch silver-titanium alloy blades, carved ebony handles.
She also keeps several silver alloy pots and pans incase she should be caught unawares. They are made of a special alloy that will burn the undead but also cooks like a normal iron pot or pan.

Abilities: Lorelei has the enourmous speed and strenght denoted by her status as "Elder". Her speed is greater than her strength, and when she moves her fastest, you can't even see her. She can punch a hole in plate steel easily, and lift hundreds of pounds. She can shift between human, wolf, beastwolf and anthro froms at will. Her skin is almost impossible to pierce, with the strength of Ferris Tungsten. The only thing that will kill her is silver directly to her heart, and she can regenerate from anything less nearly instantly. Her senses of sight, hearing and smell are far beyond what a human could even imagine.

As for her non racial skills, she's a deadly shot, and almost perfect sniper. She can move silenetly and is good at espionage, thanks to tricks her father taught her. She speaks German, English, Russian and French fluently, speaking Russian, German, and French natively. She always speaks with heavy German accent. She's likely to slaughter you in close combat, with fists or knives.

As for non combat skills, Lorelei excels in cooking, baking, cleaning, sewing and pretty much all other womanly things. She's one of the most amazing singers you will ever hear, and she's a great dancer. She makes a mean cup of tea, thanks to Walter's teachings, and her food and cookies are worth killing for.

Biography: Lorelei was born in 1801, three minutes and twenty two seconds after her brother, Sigmund. He has never let her forget that he is her older brother. Her father had been high nobility in Germany, and a talented spy. However, he fell out of favour, but he managed to escape with his wife and two nine year old children to Russia, where he was granted shelter and noble status in exchange for secrets about Germany. Sigmund and Lorelei grew up with high status, and learning to speak both Russian and French. Life was fairly normal for the family, asides from Lorelei's obnoxiously tomboyish tendencies. She much preferred fencing and riding horses and hunting to much of anything else. Sigmund and Lorelei were best friends, and nearly inseperable.

In 1820, Lorelei's mother forced her to go to a ball at the Tzar's palace, which she was most definitely not thrilled about. SHe stuck out like a sore thumb, and was incredibly awkward around all the other nobles. She was daydreaming absently when she bumped into a man and spilled her drink all over him. She promptly fell on her ass and started stammering an apology, even though she was a bit confused as to what had just happened. She looked up at the man she had bumped into and blushed instantly. He was extremely striking, with grey eyes and night black hair. He was dressed formally, and now had her drink all over him. He bent down, asking if she was alright, and offered to help her up. She nodded, taking his hand with a slightly brighter blush, stammering, "M-m-merci beaucoup, monsieur." Her accent in french was atrocious, and she sounded extremely German, just as she did when speaking Russian. She didn't have the perfect accent of her brother. He chuckled, and told her it was no problem, then offered to walk her home. Of course, she readily accepted, not having wanted to be there in the first place. The walk was a somewhat long one, and they talked for a long time, taking their time. Lorelei found herself enamoured with the man. HIs name was Viktor Volkov, and she found him fascinating. She was truly sad when they arrived at her house.

"So. . . I guess zis ist gutebye?" she asked with a note of sadness in her voice.

"We'll see each other again," he assured her with a smile.

She stood in the doorway and watched him walk away into the night, slightly dazed. SHe stood there until Sigmund found her and made her come inside.

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. She and her brother and Viktor all became very close, and Lorelei found herself quickly falling in love with Viktor. What she didn't know was that he felt the same. One summer night in 1821, she and Viktor were sitting alone by the banks of a river. The water was chilly from the siberian snows. They chatted for a while, with Lorelei dangling her feet in the water. A silence fell over them, but it was a comfortable one. Finally, Viktor spoke up. He told her that he loved her, and she replied that she loved him also. This was the beginning of a passionate romance.

In 1823, everything changed. The three were walking home late one night from a pub, and Lorelei was completely drunk. She was poking fun at her brother when suddenly, her vision went blurry, and she felt in awful pain. She looked up and all she saw was grey fur, and huge teeth. The massive wolf had tackled her, clawed her, and then bit into her shoulder violently. She heard her brother give a yell of rage, and he tried to attack the wolf, but only succeeded in getting mauled as well. Viktor finally managed to drive the creature off. Lorelei was so confused, and she was bleeding all over the place. Victor quickly helped them get to his Grandfather's house in the country. Misha was his name, and he was an old, old Werewolf. Misha kept them at his place until the full moon, when the two transformed into wolves for the first time. He kept them there during their puppyhood, for the most part, and Viktor was often there. On the full moons, they transformed back into humans, and were able to talk with Viktor and Misha, as well as Misha's friends. When the moon wasn't full, they masqueraded as Viktor's pets.

Life was simple, and good, and they lived a quiet life, with Lorelei and sigmund become Young Lycans, and then Full Lycans over the years. They enjoyed a quiet life until 1917, when the Revolution happened. They fought feircely, side by side, and also met a man named Yuri Drachev. They also fought int the ensuing civil war, until Sigmund suddenly decided he needed to go to Africa. He wouldn't explain it, and Lorelei begged him not to go. But he seemed almost as if taken with a fever, and insisted he must go. Lorelei never heard from him again, after that.

World War I raged on in the background, but Lorelei payed it no mind, far more concerned with the war going on directly in front of her.

After the civil war ended, she and Viktor settled down, enjoying a nice time of peace and quiet. . . that is, until World War Two broke out. She and Viktor and Yuri joined the army, however, they weren't called in for the Winter War. In fact, they weren't called into duty until the battle of Stalingrad, at which point Lorelei was extremely pissed off. In the ensuing chaos and violence, Viktor quickly climbed the ranks, because his superiors kept getting killed, leaving him the best suited for the position. Once he was in a command position, he set up a group of "Special" soldiers like Lorelei and himself, and Yuri as well, once he revealed himself to have lightning powers.

The Red Army begand to push back, and their unit made it to the forefront of the war, where Lorelei and Viktor made the aquiaintance of a British young man by the name of Walter C. Dolnez. He worked for the Hellsing Orginization, based in London. After some serious talks, Walter convinced Viktor to come with him back to Englad after the war, and allowed Lorelei to come as well, since Viktor refused to go without her.

Soon, the war was over. Viktor and Lorelei helped take the Reichstag, and things were once again somewhat peaceful. They travelled with the boy Walter and the Vampire Alucard back to London.

Arthur Hellsing could definitely see the use of having a Lycan around, and accepted Viktor as Lorelei.. And so, Lorelei and Viktor became a part of the Hellsing organization.

Lorelei also became close with Walter, as she spent a lot of time following him around the mansion, and helped him with the cooking. He helped her learn how to fight even better, and taught her the ways of making English tea and other useful things to know.

Not much has changed since those days, besides Arthur Hellsing dying and his daughter growing up, as well as the disappearance and reappearance of Alucard. Lorelei has witnessed Integra grow from a mere rug-crawling pup into a competent young leader.

To this day, she still wonders what became of her brother, and misses him.


Lorelei flitted around the kitchen, singing a song, the way she moved almost like a dance. She wore a ruffled pink 1950's style apron, and the song she sang seemed to be from the same time period. "Somevhere~ Beyond ze sea, somevhere, vaitingk for meee~ My lover stands on golden saaaands~ And vatches ze ships, zat go saaaaailingk~" She was tending to her cooking as she flitted about the kitchen, checking the chicken on the stove, and the pastries in the oven, before tasting her pasta. She nodded with a smile and quickly strained the pasta and rinsed it with cool water so it wouldn't cook any more. "Nice und Al Denté," she said to herself, before stirring her sauce. She turned around and promptly smacked right into someone. She looked up into grey eyes and smiled. "Ahhhh, Mein Lieber. . . You're home, finally," she said. "Dinner ist almost ready." She leaned up and gave Viktor a quick kiss on the lips. "Go vash up, dear."

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Re: Lorelei Saenger

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